Teaching Development & Future Goals

Improving one’s teaching should be a continuous effort. For courses that I will be teaching for the first time, discussions with my colleagues who have taught the course helps me a great deal to begin initial work and planning.

Reading up on the particular area is crucial to develop a strong knowledge of the particular area. For courses that I have taught for several years, the most important and effective but practical way to improve my teaching is by trying to reflect on my teaching at the end of every class.

This assists me in re-evaluating the strategies and methods used and their effectiveness. Feedback from students such as from the e-PPP and end-of-course surveys as well as informal discussions provide valuable insights on how I can further improve my teaching.

My involvement in the Academic Quality committee has helped me improve my teaching and evaluation. Part of the responsibility of the Quality Committee is to evaluate the suitability of a particular assessment (e.g. test, exam papers) but also to review courses and programs offered.

This allows me to be critical about curriculum development as a whole for example how a particular course contributes to the program outcome.