UTM the grand winner of Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2017

CYBERJAYA, 17 July 2017 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s students have once again made UTM proud in the Innovate Malaysia innovation competition by winning the Excellence Award (Overall champion), three First Prize Awards, one Second Prize Awards and one Consolation prize in Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2017. Innovate Malaysia Design Competition is a multi-discipline engineering  competition that is open to all final year student who are taking engineering or computer science and usually using their final year project to compete in this largest engineering design competition in Malaysia.

The challenges promote innovative culture in engineering work and tackling real world problems using engineering solutions which is important as well to consider impact to society. Commercialization also has been one of the criteria of developing the project.

This competition is co-organized by Intel, Fusionex, Keysight, MathWorks, Microsoft, CeDEC, Motorola Solutions, National Instruments, SilTerra, ViTrox and Dreamcatcher supported by Ministry of Education, MaGIC, Talent Corp Malaysia, MDEC, IEM, Techsqurce, and Terasic.

There are new categories which they called design challengers by CyberView, Daikin, Entopia, IM4U, IQ-Group, Ranhill, Sime Darby, TM, and WCS.

The Spot team won the Excellence Award and First Prize Award under Vitrox Track. The team won RM 5,000 + ViTrox Incubation Space for 6 months with Mentoring Program + Free CoE Training Courses in 2017.

Spot is an app that contains the latest technology of machine vision and smartphone to eliminate all parking problems. Features including finding parking, reserving parking and even solving double parking make Spot always the first choice among all drivers.

It provides real time update on availability of parking lots, platform for drivers to communicate, alert users in undesirable occurrences and convenience reserve parking system.

The team members are Daniel Ng Chiu Loong, Ang Miin Shan and Lee San Kong  from Faculty of Electrical Engineering(FKE).The team was supervised by Dr Yusmeeraz Yusof.

Another team that  won the 1st Prize Award (RM 5000)  and Cyberview Design Challenge award (RM 3000) was the ‘ParkKing’ in Motorola Track.Their product ParkKing is a smart parking system with double parking detection. The system provide a smart social solution for the city administration and public user.

For city administration, the system has an integrated parking lot monitoring and analysis system as well as a smart phone application for officer to give summon. For the public user, they can check for parking lot availability in real time and also report any illegal parking by the provided platform.

The team members are Gan Yi Reng, Edward Chan Kam Fai, and Leow Tan Chun Kit all from Faculty of Electrical. The team was supervised by Dr. Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusof (FKE).

For the Microsoft Track, the Solvere Team has won the First Place again after last win at Microsoft Imagine Cup in UTP, Perak.

The team won RM 5000 based on same project they won for previous competition. SmadBot(Smart Advertising Robot) that is capable moving around in places of attraction like shopping malls, restaurant, airports and exhibitions based on waypoint navigation.

One of the unique features of this robot is that it can know a person’s details by scanning their face to predict age, gender and emotion and then show relevant advertisements personalised specifically for the person who is standing in front of it.

This method of targeted advertising also publishes the data to the cloud so that advertisers can perform analytics on their data and make decisions from it.

The new features of the robot is the robot can greet you by your name by just using camera data in which the person need to feed the image to train in the first place.

This will improve personal preference on product advertisement shown at the robot. The project was developed by Nik Ahmad Faisal bin Mohd Kamarolzaman, Zul Fahmi bin Khamiti and Muhammad Syukri bin Sainal all from Faculty of Electrical Engineering.The team was supervised by Dr Yeong Che Fai

Second prize winner for Mathworks track won RM 3000 + Matlab Software. The project, Autotuned Electrical Muscle Stimulator with electromyogram biofeedback was developed by Muhammad Naqiuddin bin Nazali from under supervision of Dr. Leow Pei Ling aims to treat people that suffering the muscle weaknesses. It applying a certain electric intensity automatically across the muscle to stimulate is as a passive exercises.

Lee Mei Xiang won consolation prize worth RM 500 for the project “16-bits High Speed Adder” for Silterra Track.In VLSI system,  everyone preferred more for a high performance with low power consumption system.

Adder as the lowest level in VLSI system plays an important roles to make the system to full fill all of those requirements. In this project, the performance of several types of adder was investigated by using Quartus II and Synopsis tools in the target of 180 nm Silterra Technology.

At the end of this project,  the performance of Kogge Stone Adder is the best compare to other adder especially in speed up rate. Kogge Stone adder is 3.44 x speed up rate when compare to the build in adder in Synopsis Tools.The team was supervised by PM.  Muhammad Mun’im Ahmad Zabidi

The teams would like thank the Centre for Student Innovation (UTM CSI) and faculties involved in facilitating and supporting them in joining this competition.