Invited Talks/Seminars

Coventry University Р24.03.2021
Online / Offline
Guest lecture for the Post-Digital World module

Universiti Sains Malaysia/De La Salle University, The Philippines  Р20.11.2020
Reclaim the City: Stories and Critical Perspectives from Southeast Asia
Presented research and contributed to a panel discussion about issues of urbanisation in Southeast Asia

Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang – 11.09. 2019
Public Space and Democracy: The Geography of Street Protests in Kuala Lumpur
Invited to talk about on-going research

Empowering Cities and Citizen Conference organised by the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University – 07.11.2018
Urban Challenges in the Global South: Cross-Learning between Research and Online Education
Invited to discuss work presented in the Rethink the City MOOC

DESIS Philosophy Talk at the Transformative Social Innovation Theory (TRANSIT) Conference – 14.09.2017
Regenerating Democracy, a Design Contribution.
Invited to contribute to a panel that discussed how design could play a role to restore democracy

University College Amsterdam – 11.11.2014
The Hashtag Game: Protests in Postcolonial Kuala Lumpur.
Invited to talk about the paper presented earlier at the Social Media and Transformation of Public Space. Discussed how hashtags became the equivalence of digital public space and how the authorities countered with their own hashtags.

Media engagements

Urbanice Malaysia – 30.03.2021
Women and Cities podcast

Astro Awani – Consider This (talk show) – 04.08.2020
Rethinking Urban Design

The Malay Mail Online – 10.07.2020
Experts: Rethink on urban design much needed as Covid-19 reshapes what Malaysians want, need