Crocodile Sanctuary Visit


Yesterday, me and my family visited a crocodile sanctuary or “sarang buaya” at Tanjung Langsat, Pasir Gudang. The journey was long despite using the Pasir Gudang highway because the place is located at the very end of Pasir Gudang district. Hence, not many knew the existence of this place.

The entrance was a bit scary to me because of the sinkholes and high tides on both sides of the entrance road. I think this is probably due the mangrove swamps surrounding the place. For safety measures, we were guided from the main entrance to the ticket counter. The ticket is on promo so we spent only RM10 for adults (2 tickets). Children promo price is only RM2.

During our visit around the place, the tour guide explained facts on the crocodiles in general and specifically those that lived there. The sanctuary is nothing like a zoo where crocodiles just lay quietly and not aggressive. Here, crocodiles move around and swim freely in a pond. There were around 60++ number of crocodiles in the main section. You can also see crocodiles fighting with each other, especially Pak Tam, the king of the crocodiles. You can even see them stare at you and in a ready position waiting for an opportunity to attack its prey. At one point I felt very uncomfortable and just wanted to end the tour and just get out of the place.

We were also shown the crocodile’s nest and the hatching area. I did not know that a mother crocodile would not eat for 3 months just for the sake of her babies! Crocodile eggs cannot be in contact with water (even rain) as this would destroy the eggs. Also, alligators love to steal the eggs for food. At the hatching area, there were three baby crocodiles. However, one is crippled due to fights among the other crocodiles. One baby crocodile has actually ate its friend and has been moved to the other section.

At the end of the tour, we get to touch and take pictures with a baby crocodile. A new experience for me, for us. It was really really fun. But to go there again would require me thinking it over 1000 times since the place is still under construction and thus do not seem appropriate for babies, children, and elders. However, I would strongly recommend this for the nature/animal lovers and those who are brave at heart and adventurous. Believe me. It’s really worth the money since you get both entertainment and education! Or, in short, “edutainment”. Value for money. 🙂


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