Statistic Tutorials For SPSS and Stata- Extremely Easy To Follow And Understand

Hi there! Just wanted to share one of my reference sources for analysing data using SPSS and Stata during my PhD years.
I found this website highly useful as it shows a step-by-step procedure in carrying out statistical analysis (Very helpful for beginners).
Plus, the explanation is also very easy to understand.
Below are the list of the statistical tests for SPSS and Stata respectively.

Statistical Tests Guide For SPSS:

Statistics Laerd- SPSS

Statistical Tests Guide For Stata:

Statistics Laerd- Stata

By the way, this service requires renewal of membership for either one, three or six months.
I would advice you to try the one month version first. If you are satisfied, you can always extend your membership to three or six months.

Follow this link to get started: Statistics Laerd

All the best!!! 🙂

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