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  1. Project Leader, Characteristic and Mechanism Studies of Boron nitride-dope Titanium Nanotubes Visible Light Photocatalysis (R.J130000.7851.5F005) RM 89,000 (01 January 2019-31st December 2020)
  2. Project Leader, Functionalization and Characteristic Studies of Graphene Oxide for Polymer Nanocomposite (R.J130000.7842.4F306) RM 110,300 (16 Dec 2013-15 Dec 2016)
  3. Project Member, Fundamental study on shifting characteristics of anti-scalant activity in aqueous phase to surface of reverse osmosis membrane using PECVD-modified nanomaterials (R.J130000.7851.5F017) RM 90,000 (01 Jan 2019-31st  Dec 2020)
  4. Project Member, Comprehensive investigation of heavy metal rejection mechanisms through filtration and ions kinetic studies on nanostructured boron nitride composite membrane (R.J130000.7846.4F981) RM 92,220 (15 August 2017-14 August 2020)
  5. Project Member, Preparation and Formation of Anti-fouling Double Skinned Forward Osmosis Membrane with Zwitterionic Brush for Water & Wastewater Treatment (R.J130000.7809.4F920) RM 212,000 (01 June 2017-31st  May 2019)
  6. Project Member, Parametrics Studies on the Structural and Physical Properties based on PVDF Membrane for Water and Waste Water Treatment Separation  (R.J130000.7842.4F383) RM 135,000 (16 Dec 2013-15 Dec 2015)



  1. Project Leader, Anti-biofouling and chlorine resistant membranes for reverse osmosis desalination (R.J130000.7851.4L862) RM 200,000 (28 December 2018- 27 December 2021)
  2. Project Member, Membrane desalination system integrated with renewable energy (R.J130000.7851.4L864) RM 200,000 (28 December 2018- 27 December 2021)
  3. Project Member, Sustainable Technologies for Water Reclamation (R.J130000.7851.4L866) RM 1,870,000 (28 December 2018- 27 December 2021)
  4. Project Member, Nano-enhanced Polymeric Composite Materials for Effective and Rapid Oil Absorption (R.J130000.7851.4L866) (1 December 2018- 30 November 2020)



  1. Project Leader, Sensitive and simple tungsten oxide intercalated reduced graphene oxide sensor for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) detection (R.J130000.7346.4B290) RM 15,750 (01 Feb 2017- 31st Jan 2018) Funder: Nippon Glass Sheet Grant, Japan



  1. Project Member, Nanocomposite Materials for Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants (R.J130000.7609.4C031) RM 1,336,180 (01 Dec 2012-30 Nov 2015)



  1. Project Leader, Double Skinned Thin Film Nanocomposite Membrane for Oily Wastewater Treatment using Osmotically Driven Membrane Process (R.J090301.7846.4J182) RM 127,000 (01 Jan 2016- 31st Dec 2018)
  2. Project Leader, Nanocomposite Membrane Grafted with Aminated Carbon Nanotubes for Inorganic Anions Detection based on Planer Electromagnetic Sensor (R.J090301.7846.4J183) RM 113,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  3. Project Member, Synthesis, Preparation and Characterization of Boron Nitride Membrane for Seawater Desalination (R.J090301.7846.4J200) RM 120,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  4. Project Member, Photocatalytic performance of composite PVDF-based membrane consists of graphitic carbon nitride and surface modifying macromolecules for phenol removal (R.J090301.7846.4J185) RM 150,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  5. Project Member, Graphene Oxide Incorporated Thin Film Nanocomposite for Desalination (R.J090301.7809.4J196) RM 170,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  6. Project Member, Nanocomposite Membrane for Separation of Oily Wastewater Pollutants (R.J090301.7809.4J195) RM 180,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  7. Project Member, Durable Hollow Fiber Composite Membrane with Bactericidal Properties for Wastewater Treatment (R.J090301.7809.4J181) RM 200,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  8. Project Member, Fine-tuning the properties of selective and supporting layer of thin film composite membrane using inorganic nanofiller for higher yield of phosphorus in permeate (R.J090301.7846.4J175) RM 81,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  9. Project Member, Improving water transport resistance and adsorptive properties of thin film composite membrane using dual-functional nanofibrous substrate for Arsenic-free water production (R.J090301.7846.4J174) RM 139,000 (01 Jan 2016-31st  Dec 2018)
  10. Project Member, Development of nanostructure materials using polymer template for lithium battery (Q.J130000.2526.02H19) RM 128,000, 01 April 2011-31st  March 2013
  11. Project Member, Titania Nanotube/PVDF Photocatalytic Nanocomposite Membrane for Colour Degradation of Aerobically Treated Palm Oil Milled Effluent  (R.J090301.7809.4J204) RM 60,000 (01 Jan 2016- 31st  Dec 2018)
  12. Project Member, Assessing Drinking Water Quality: Do Commercial Water Vending Machines Meet The Standard To Provide Clean Water During Emergency? (R.J090301.7809.4J198) RM 50,000 (01 Jan 2016- 31st  Dec 2018)
  13. Project Member, Standard Procedure and Water Quality Policies for Sustainable Clean Water during Natural Disaster  (R.J090301.7809.4J197) RM 60,000 (01 Jan 2016- 31st  Dec 2018)
  14. Project Member, Polycaprolactone (PCL)-based Layer by layer Electrospun Biodegradable Composite Membrane for the removal of Contaminants (Ag/Al/Pb) in Drinking Water (R.J090301.7845.4J191) RM 70,000  (01 Jan 2016- 31st  Dec 2018)
  15. Project Member, Properties Of Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites For Treatment Of Emerging Contaminants (R.J090301.7809.4J199) RM 70,000 , 01 Jan 2016- 31st  Dec 2018



  1. Project Leader, Electrospun Nanofiber Supported Thin Film Composite for CO2 Removal (Q.J130000.2446.03G43) RM 50,000 (15 Jan 2016-14 Jan 2018)
  2. Project Member, Silver-Zeolite Composite with Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) as Versatile Adsorbent and Antibacterial Agent (Q.J130000.2445.03G81) RM 50,000 (15 Nov 2017-14 Nov 2019)



  1. Project Leader, Thin Film Nanocomposite Incorporated with Silver/Titania Nanotube for Power Generation through Pressure Retarded Osmosis (Q.J130000.2546.18H35) RM 50,000 (01 Feb 2018-31st  Jan 2020)
  2. Project Leader, Magnetic Recyclable g-C3N4/Fe3O4/GO Ternary Visible-light-driven Photocatalyst for Endocrine Disruptive Compounds Removal (Q.J130000.2546.13H65) RM 50,000 (01 July 2016-31st  Dec 2017)
  3. Project Leader, Graphene Oxide/Polymer Nanocomposite for Acidic Gas Removal (Q.J130000.2542.09H72) RM 50,000 (01 May 2015-31st  October 2016)
  4. Project Leader, Surface Study of Surfactant Dispersed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Polyetherimide Nanocomposite As A Potential Advanced Material for Separation Processes (Q.J130000.2542.04H86) RM 198,000 (01 Dec 2012- 31st Dec 2014)
  5. Project Member, Surface Modification of Ion-exchanged Resin to enhance Radionuclide Removal from Reactor TRIGA PUSPATI Coolant (Q.J130000.2546.16H46) RM 40,000 (01 July 2017-30 June 2019)
  6. Project Member, Cellulose acetate/Zeolite Nanofibrous Electrospun Membrane for the Removal of Oils and Organics from The surface of Water  (Q.J130000.2545.16H32) RM 40,000, 01 July 2017-30 June 2019
  7. Project Member, Development of Novel Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Hybrids for Water Treatment Application (Q.J130000.2526.06H07) RM 100,000 (01 April 2014-31st  March 2016)
  8. Project Member, Separation and purification of textile wastewater using low-energy direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) process (Q.J130000.2509.05H48) RM 90,000 (01 April 2014- 30 June 2016)
  9. Project Member, Poly-ortho-anisidine based hollow fiber gas separation membrane: Stability and Ageing Study  (Q.J130000.2542.04H70) RM 100,000 (01 Dec 2012-31st  Dec 2014)
  10. Project Member, Polyethersulfone/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT( For CO2/CH4 and O2/N2 Gas Separation (Q.J130000.2542.04H71) RM 161,000 (01 Dec 2012-31st  Dec 2014)
  11. Project Member, Development of Novel Membrane Distillation System for the Production of Potable Water from Unusual Water Resources (Q.J130000.2509.05H10) RM 200,000 (Dec 2012-31st  Dec 2014)
  12. Project Member, Asymmetric Torlon Hollow Fiber Member Morphology for Natural Gas Separation (Q.J130000.2609.11J52) RM 10,000 (01 Sept 2015-30 Nov2016)
  13. Project Member, Synthesis and Characterization of 3D Printing of Itaconic acid Bio-based Material (Q.J130000.2545.16H18) RM 40,000 (01 July 2017-31st  Dec 2018)
  14. Project Member, Synthesis and Characterization of New Type of Hollow Fiber Nanocomposite Membrane with Coating Layer for Simultaneous Removal of Particle and Oxygen Enrichment (Q.J130000.2546.15H41) RM 40,000, 01 Oct 2016-30 Sept 2018



  1. Project Member, Sustainable Polymeric Membrane for Indigenous Haemodialysis System (Q.J130000.2409.01G46) RM 1,550,000 (01 April 2014- 30 June 2019)
  2. Project Member, Graphene-based Polymeric Nanocomposite for Desalination (Q.J130000.2409.02G43) RM 100,000 (01 Oct 2014-31st  March 2016)
  3. Project Member, Development of novel asymmetric nanocomposite ultrafiltration mixed matrix membranes for arsenic and other hazardous heavy metals removal (Q.J130000.2409.02G07) RM 500,000 (01 July 2014-30 June 2017)



  1. Project Member, Development of Underground Water Purification System and Proof-of-concept for Drinking Bottleing Plant (R.J130000.7709.4J365) RM 856,000 (01 August 2018-31st July 2019)



  1. Project Member, Water Quality Analysis for Desalination Plant (Q.J130000.2446.04G30) RM 73,000 (01 April 2018- 31st March 2021)



  1. Project Member, Titanium Nanotubes Nanocomposite Hollow Fiber Membrane for Acid Gas Separation (Q.J130000.2742.02K04) RM 20,000 (01 Oct 2015-31st Dec 2016)



  1. Project Member, Creative Selective Membrane for Detecting Nitrate, Phosphate and Heavy Metal based on Planar Electromagnetic Sensor (R.J130000.7923.4S098) RM 198,100 (01 March 2014, 31st March 2016)



  1.  Project Member, Sustainable water supply through seawater desalination (R.J130000.7809.4L857) RM 5,000,000 (01 April 2017-30 June 2018)



  1.  Project Member, Membrane Manufacturing Process and System (R.J130000.7837.4L803) RM 3,511,500 (01 August 2011-30 April 2015)
  2. Project Member, High Performance Polymeric Materials (R.J130000.7837.4L802) RM 273,500 (01 August 2011-30 April 2015)
  3. Project Member, Application Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Membrane System in Chemical Process Industry (R.J130000.7824.4L804) RM 1,255,000 (01 August 2011-30 April 2015)



  1. Project Member, Pembekalan Sistem Rawatan Air Mudah Alih Osmosis Balikan bagi Merawat Air Laut di Endau, Johor (R.J130000.7809.4L200) RM 100,000 (01 Nov 2016-30 April 2017)
  2. Project Member, Pembekalan Sistem Rawatan Air Mudah Alih Osmosis Balikan bagi Mangsa Banjir di Kelantan. (R.J130000.7809.4L167) RM 100,000 (01 Sept 2015-29 Feb 2016)



  1. Project Member, Development of Robust Mixed Matrix membrane for CO2 Removal (Q.J130000.3009.00M02) RM 250,000 (01 April 2013-31  March 2015)