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Dr. teo poh chuin

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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a lifelong process of leaning from stakeholders. We obtain new inspirations through every interaction with students, co-workers, industry, academia and the society. I believe that classroom is a living community and everyone learns from each other. Mutual respect and understanding are crucial, therefore it is important to maintain and foster positive teaching and learning atmosphere by keeping an open and healthy communication.

Fun Facts

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Academic Qualification

  • PhD (International Marketing), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Master of Arts (Marketing), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia


speaking  I  listening  I writing

  • English – 85%
  • Bahasa – 75%
  • Mandarin – 95%

From My Students

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“Poh has been my international business strategy teacher in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. Through all my teachers she has been the most caring, kind-hearted and open-minded of all. She is a beautiful soul and has so much positive energy. As an international student far from home it felt really good to have a person like her by my side.”

Olivia Meunier


“As Dr. Teo is my lecturer and supervisor, I definitely managed to learn from her academically and practically, including the proper ways of which organisational issues are approached. Moreover, thanks to her continuous guidance for me throughout my graduation research, I managed to finish a very challenging project in a timely manner.”

Amjad Gafar

operation Director, Elegant Themes

“Dr. Teo is one of my favourite lecturer ever in my education life as she is kind enough to share her thoughts and experience to us during the lecturing session. She possesses the great knowledge on what she is lecturing and help us to develop our basic foundation from A to Z on the particular subject.”

Desh Ch'ng Bei Yang


“ In the autumn of 2019, I saw Dr. Teo for the first time,a beautiful lady with a bright smile. During the one year of acquaintance, Dr. Teo as my supervisor, helped me very patiently,She has great respect for me and will give me valuable advice from my perspectivewe got along like friends. I hope that in the days ahead, sunshine and beauty will always accompany Dr Teo.”

Ju Jingnan



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