1. One Belt One Road: Opportunities & Challenges from Malaysia SME’s Perspective (2019-2020) (Principal Researcher) (Internal Grant)
  2. The Belt Road Initiative: Expectations from a Giant Economy: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects for Malaysia (2019)(Researcher) – International Collaboration with Guangzhou City Construction College
  3. Opportunities & Challenges Stemming From FDI Inflow Of Giant Economics:  A Comparison Between Malaysia And Indonesia SMEs’ Perspective (2019)(Researcher) – International Collaboration with UNTAG Surabaya University
  4. A Study on the Purchase Intention of Smart Home (IoT) among Taiwanese: The Moderating Effects of Environmental Concern and Environmental Innovativeness (2019) (Principal Researcher)
  5. Factors that Affect Green Marketing: A Case on Green Corporate Social Responsibility  (Principal Researcher)
  6. The Opportunities and Challenges of the Two Countries Twin Digital Free Trade Zone Collaboration (Researcher) (Applying External Grant)
  7. The Impact of Leadership Effectiveness on Job Performance in SMEs Malaysia: Understanding the Antecedent Effect of Organisational Culture and Eastern Individual Values (Proposal) (Principal Researcher)
  8. A Comparison Study on Consumer Behaviour between Taiwan and Malaysia: A Study in Telecommunication Industry (2018-2019)(Researcher)
  9. Factors that triggering brand’s country of origin information (2013) (Principal Researcher) (USM Internal Grant)
  10. Supervision capacity and actual performance of academics in Universiti Sains Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2013) (Principal Researcher)
  11. The effect of Indonesian government’s policy in affecting Indonesians’ choice of postgraduate education destination: A mixed-method research design (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2013) (Principal Researcher)
  12. Postgraduate experience and satisfaction among postgraduates: A case in a Malaysian research university (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2013) (Principal Researcher)
  13. Service quality of frontline staff: A study in a university service department (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2013) (Principal Researcher)
  14. The influence of pull and push factors on postgraduates’ decision in choosing Universiti Sains Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2013) (Principal Researcher)
  15. Strategic development of Sarawak Bumiputera entrepreneurs: Realising the vision (Sarawak Chief Minister’s Department) – (2012 – 2013) (Research Officer)
  16. Faktor dan jurang kepuasan kerjaya:  Satu kajian di kalangan pengawai tadbir Universiti Sains Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2011) (Research Officer)
  17. Prestasi kerja di kalangan pengawai tadbir Universiti Sains Malaysia: Satu kajian tentang anteseden  (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2011) (Research Officer)
  18. Service quality of frontline staff: A study in a university service department (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2011) (Principal Researcher)
  19. The antecedents of brand origin recognition accuracy (BORA) and its consequences (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2009 – 2011) (Principal Researcher)
  20. The reasons behind Malaysian firms going international, their market choice and performance: An instrument development and validation (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2008 – 2009) (Research Assistant) (FRGS Grant)
  21. Young Malaysians’ chocolate brand familiarity: The effect of brand’s country of origin and consumer consumption level (Universiti Sains Malaysia , 2008) (Researcher)