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Possible Future Studio #UTMSenibina

Compilation of thoughts and collaborative work within the design studios led by Dr. Nor Izura and Dr. Aiman in the Programme of Architecture, UTM. Click the posts or Category menu to explore.

  • Explore Old Town JB

    Explore Old Town JB

    Johor Bahru is the capital of the Malaysian state of Johor and the country’s southernmost metropolis. Old Town Johor Bahru is the state’s oldest district. Old Town Johor Bahru was a cultural melting pot, acting as an early meeting site not just for Chinese settlers, but also for Malay and Indian groups, hence there are…

  • A Design Manifesto Exhibition on the Future of Bandar Sri Permaisuri [25 May  – 19 June ’23]

    A Design Manifesto Exhibition on the Future of Bandar Sri Permaisuri [25 May – 19 June ’23]

    As part of the design studio activity, students were to curate and publicly exhibit their manifestos or design intentions. The exhibition promotes the students’ talent and gives them the opportunity to present their ideas physically to a wide audience. The exhibition also aims to showcase the speculative future and future thinking aspect of architecture implemented…

  • The Healing Hub

    The Healing Hub

    This poster describes the mental health problems experienced by residents in urban areas today. The human in the middle of this poster depicts  the hustle and bustle of city life can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety for people. The green element represents the impact of nature in order to enhance and promote…

  • “into the VRAINS” of Bandar Sri Permaisuri

    “into the VRAINS” of Bandar Sri Permaisuri

    BSP into the VRAINS Bandar Sri Permaisuri or BSP is a well-planned town that based on Transit Oriented Development or TOD. The main idea of this manifesto is to give a picture and the potential of Bandar Sri Permaisuri in the future, is it good or is it bad? Bandar Sri Permaisuri, a vibrant community…

  • SEEDs of Bandar Sri Permaisuri

    SEEDs of Bandar Sri Permaisuri

    SMEs Economy through Eco-norms Development Green growth practices in local SMEs involve adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to business operations. This can include implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing waste and pollution, using renewable resources, promoting sustainable supply chains, and integrating sustainable practices throughout the business operations. Seeding a brighter future in economy;

  • “Fast Forward” – BSP as Potential Sustainable City.

    “Fast Forward” – BSP as Potential Sustainable City.

    The future holds many possibilities and this is what I imagine Bandar Sri Permaisuri to be in 50 or 70 years ahead. A sustainable utopian city. There is an article mentioning that Bandar Sri Permaisuri fulfils the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) criteria. A Transit-Oriented Development is a compact, mixed-use complex centred on a transit station designed…

  • CPR-2077


    The poster is a striking and thought-provoking representation of the manifesto for the community center. Against the backdrop of a cyberpunk city, people are suspended in mid-air, connected by wires that appear to be charging them up with natural energy. The wires and the greenery are symbolic of the community center’s vision of being a…

  • Eco-Healing “One with nature”

    Eco-Healing “One with nature”

    MANIFESTO ON THE FUTURE OF BANDAR SRI PERMAISURI What are the healthy future of our community? As we all know, Bandar Sri Permaisuri is facing an overpopulation challenge. However, we believe that this challenge can be turned into an opportunity for enhancing our community and building a healthier future. One of the challenges that we…

  • A Dialogue with future // Food innovation Hub

    A Dialogue with future // Food innovation Hub

    Let’s have a dialogue about the future of Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras. From my analysis of current trends and future projections, Cheras is likely to continue developing as a dynamic and diverse area in the future. Its location in close proximity to the Kuala Lumpur city center and its excellent transport links will continue to…



    REXKL, also known as REXKL Creative Hub, is a community space located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The building was originally built in the 1940s and was once a popular cinema, but it was abandoned for several years until it was revitalized and repurposed as a creative hub. REXKL Creative Hub is a multi-functional space that…

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