Avengers Cooperative Learning on Process Design Heuristics – A Modified Jigsaw Approach

Learning Outcome
After this lesson, the students are expected to be able to
1. Understand the Process Design Heuristics
2. Identify good and bad design from Process Flow Diagram based on Process Design Heuristics
3. Perform line tracing on Process Flow Diagram
4. Understand the importance of individual accountability in cooperative learning
5. Understand the importance of interdependance in cooperative learning 
6. Understand the importance of face-to-face interaction in cooperative learning

T&L Method Modification
1. Seniors’ Process Flow Diagram are printed for the Hero Training Center as one of the material in the activity. This will ensure the students are able to learn from the mistakes done by their senior, which expect the student will be able to in keep the knowledge in mind for longer time.
2. A wrapping-up session (Hero Clinic) is added, for the home teams to complete the expert presentation, as well as to clarify some doubt by consulting different experts available in the class. Students are given freedom in this session to ensure the students are able to learn according to their own beats.
3. A team-based quiz (Avengers Endgame) is added as the closure as the session for giving a learning goal to the students during the gallery walk. This step highlights and enhances the team interdepandance in the whole learning process, as well as increases the team accountability. 

STEP 1: Hero Training Centre (3 hours 15 mins)
Hero Training Centre (Expert teams) are formed by having representative from all the Avengers Teams (Home) . The Hero Training Centres are given specific Process Design Heuristics and Process Flow Diagram (from the senior’s plant design project). First, for enhancing individual accountability, heros are required to read the heuristics textbook individually and jot down important points. The Hero Training Centres are required to prepare presentation notes based on the heuristics matrial assigned. The Centres are also required to perform line tracing on the seniors Process Flow Diagram and find relevant good and bad example according to their assigned heuristics. On the second class, experts are given 15 mins to do a quick revision in their Hero Training Centre for enhancing individual accountability.  

Individual Reading Hero Training Centre Notes Preparation


Hero Training Centre Notes Preparation Hero Training Centre Revision

 STEP 2: Avengers Reunion (1 hours 30 mins)

Experts (Heros) return to their Avengers (home) teams. Heros are required to present their Hero Training Centre notes to the team mates via gallery walk. Each round is allocated 7 mins. Team mates are encouraged to ask question to the Heros. The teams are aware about the team quiz as the last part of the activity. 

Galary Walk

 STEP 3: Hero Clinic (45 mins)
Avengers (home) teams are given chances to complete incomplete part of the expert presentation. The teams are also allowed to consult other experts in some confusing parts, for ensuring correct understanding of some specific heuristics.  

Expert Consultation

 STEP 4: Avengers Endgame (30 mins)
Team-based quiz for Avengers Teams is conducted via kahoot. Questions are randomly pick-up from different expert team scope. Top performing teams are rewarded. For some question, student are picked to explain the concept behind the questions. 

Team-based Quiz