I have been invited to be the speaker for Post-Graduate Student Society UTM (PGSS UTM) Structured Course on “How to Survive in Proposal Defence”, on 28 Jan 2019 (Monday) at Dewan Ilmuan 1, Anjungan Menara Razak UTMKL. The program attended by about 50 post-graduate (MPhil and PhD) students.

The talk divided into 2 sessions. In the first session, I have shared some survivior skill as a research student, in order for the students to progress in their research work. Then, the talk continued with the expectations of the proposal defence examiners. The writting skills on different chapters in the proposal/thesis have also been highlighted in the talk, to ensure that the students understand the goals/objectives of writting each sections of the proposal/ thesis. Lastly, some writting tips are given to the attendees.  The second part of the session shared about UTM thesis format and endnote, which expect to help the students in their proposal and thesis formatting.