PhD students

PhD Student

Year No. Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
2015 1. NoraziahWahi On-going Cost Model for Green Highway Project Development Main Supervisor
2015 2. Gholam Reza On-going Lean Construction Applications for Sustainable Project Development in Malaysia Main Supervisor
2015 3. Ahmadon Bakri On-going Safety Assessment for Industrialised Building System Project Main Supervisor
2015 4. Anita Sulaiman On-going Maintainability Assessment Model of M&E Project Main Supervisor
2015 5. Jibrin Hassan Sulaiman On-going Building Energy Consumption Model Based on Occupants’ Behaviour Main Supervisor
2015 6. Saeed Omar Ahmed On-going Energy Efficient and Buildable Construction Systems Model Main Supervisor
2015 7. Yong Hong Lee On-going Model for Assessing Contractor’s Green Waste Management Main Supervisor
2015 8. Mohammed Tahir Al-ashwal On-going Energy Efficient Formwork Systems Co- Supervisor
2014 9. Khalid Naji Al-yafei Graduated Risk Assessment Model for Construction Project in Oman Main Supervisor
2013 10. Mohammadreza Yadollahi Graduated Budget Allocation Management Model for Seismic Rehabilitation of Infrastructure Assets Main Supervisor
2012 11. Erman Surya Bakti Graduated Constructability Database Knowledge Model and Guidelines of Industrial Plant At Construction Stage Main Supervisor
2012 12. Shaik Hussein Mydin Graduated Quantitative Buildability Assessment System for Building Project Co-Supervisor
2010 13. Zulhabri Ismail Graduated A Framework for Effective Private Dispute Resolution in the Malaysian Construction Industry Co-Supervisor

(at UiTM)

2010 14. Chong Heap Yih Graduated E-Dispute Resolution Model on Contractual Variations Main Supervisor