Master students

  1. Master of Science (Biotechnology), Nadia Hakim Nasseri, Feasibility of Bioflocculant by Aspergillus flavus Using Chicken Viscera as Alternative Nitrogen Source, 2018, Main supervisor
  2. Master of Philosophy (Biosciences), Herman Tuminoh, Adhesion and Cohesion between Isolated Electroactive Bacteria and Carbon nano-fibre electrode surfaces, 2014-2018, Main supervisor
  3. Masters of Philosophy (Biosciences), Mohamad Amin Jumat, Adhesive Strength on the Antimicrobial Medical Surfaces, 2014-2018, Main supervisor
  4. Master of Science Specialization Biotechnology, Amiladzffar Ramli, A Low Cost Temporary Immersion Bioreactor for Micropropagation of Local Pineapple (Ananas comosus), 2018, Co-supervisor
  5. Master of Science (Biotechnology), Nurezzati Othman, Antibiofilm Activities of Metal Modified Kaolinite Incorporated Paint Againts Marinomonas Coomunis and Alteromonas, 2016/2017, Main supervisor
  6. Master of Science (Biotechnology), Rabiu Salihu, Effect of Copper and Silver Organo Kaolinite Antifouling Paint on Marine Bacteria, 2015/2016, Main supervisor
  7. Masters of Science (Biotechnology), Mohamed Jibrin Ndejiko, Effect of Surface Roughness on Escherichia coli DH5a Biofilm Formation and Their Susceptibility to Benzalkonium Chloride, 2013/2014, Main supervisor
  8. Masters of Science (Biotechnology), Murni Noor Al-Amin, A Study of Cross-Contamination of Foodborne Pathogens on the Kitchen Surfaces, 2013/2014, Main supervisor