Master students

Master of Philosophy (Biosciences), Herman Tuminoh, Adhesion and Cohesion between Isolated Electroactive Bacteria and Carbon nano-fibre electrode surfaces, 2014-2018, Main supervisor

Masters of Philosophy (Biosciences), Mohamad Amin Jumat, Adhesive Strength on the Antimicrobial Medical Surfaces, 2014-2018, Main supervisor

Master of Science Specialization Biotechnology, Amiladzffar Ramli, A Low Cost Temporary Immersion Bioreactor for Micropropagation of Local Pineapple (Ananas comosus), 2018, Co-supervisor

Master of Science (Biotechnology), Nurezzati Othman, Antibiofilm Activities of Metal Modified Kaolinite Incorporated Paint Againts Marinomonas Coomunis and Alteromonas, 2016/2017, Main supervisor

Master of Science (Biotechnology), Rabiu Salihu, Effect of Copper and Silver Organo Kaolinite Antifouling Paint on Marine Bacteria, 2015/2016, Main supervisor

Masters of Science (Biotechnology), Mohamed Jibrin Ndejiko, Effect of Surface Roughness on Escherichia coli DH5a Biofilm Formation and Their Susceptibility to Benzalkonium Chloride, 2013/2014, Main supervisor

Masters of Science (Biotechnology), Murni Noor Al-Amin, A Study of Cross-Contamination of Foodborne Pathogens on the Kitchen Surfaces, 2013/2014, Main supervisor