Research Projects

  1. Study on the Effect of Parameter Value Changes in Semi Active Damping Force Estimator Algorithm(Project Leader, Progressing)
  2. Image Recognition System For Lane and Obstacles DEtection For Autonomous System of Land Vehicle (Project Leader, Progressing)
  3. Design of An Active Anti-Roll Bar in Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Passenger Vehicle (Member, Progressing)
  4. Low Cost Charging Stating for E-ATV (Member, Progressing)
  5. Cylinder Deactivation and Valve Deactivation Technology for Fuel Saving in Malaysian Urban Drive Cycle (Member, Progressing)
  6. Design of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (Member, COMPLETED)
  7. Design and Development of Magnetorheological Damper Tube for Automotive Application (Member, COMPLETED)
  8. Hybrid Skyhook Groundhook Control Algorithm (Member, COMPLETED)