Associate Professor
Department of Engineering and Technology
Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra
54100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Tel: +603-2180 5245
Fax: +603-2180 5380

Associate Professor Dr. Samira Albati Kamaruddin

Dr. Samira Albati Kamaruddin is an Associate Professor at Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, UTM Kuala Lumpur with specialization in Hydrology and Water Resources. Currently, she is the Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, at Razak Faculty, Kuala Lumpur. She has extensive experience in various academic management posts, such as Director of Engineering and Technology Department, EDGE Manager, Facility Manager, IT Manager, Head of Civil Engineering Panel, Academic Advisor, e-learning Coordinator, Out Campus and Joint Program Coordinator, Publication Committee, Academic Committee in faculty, Head of Hydraulics and Hydrology Laboratory, Head of Highway Engineering Laboratory, as well as Head of Panel for Geotechnical and Hydraulics in Civil Engineering Department. She also has experience in developing new programs and revising existing program of studies. She involved in quality assurance monitoring such as quality visit to colleges under joint program with UTM. In respect of her excellent service at the PPD, she received the Excellent Service Award from UTM in 2019 and 2003. Dr. Samira has a PhD in Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology and Master of Engineering in Hydrology and Water Resources. She is the recipient of SLAB scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (MOHE) for both of the research studies. In UTM, she is the member of Climate Change Research Group in Water Research Alliance. Her research interests are in flood hydrology, soil and slope sustainability, soil and groundwater contamination, and groundwater remediation. In the past few years, Dr. Samira has actively conducted research for contaminant hydrology within tropical subsurface environment. Some typical research projects include thermo-hydromechanical (THM) modeling in subsurface system, groundwater flow and contamination in subsurface environment, analysis of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) distribution in subsurface environments, and estimation of groundwater recharge in tropical country. Her reviews and findings have been published in indexed journals and presented in many international conferences and seminars. Dr. Samira has taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses within Civil Engineering field of study for more than 20 years. She often received higher rating during student evaluation by implementing active teaching and learning method. She also served as supervisor of many PhD and MPhil students, master courses project, and undergraduate final year projects (SM).