Master Project

UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (UTM Razak School) offers a wide range of postgraduate programmes at master and doctoral level. Programmes are designed to enhance the knowledge of professionals as well as to develop the innovative skills of graduates.

Being a multidisciplinary faculty, the programmes offered cover a wide range of areas and are uniquely inter-disciplinary in nature. This is indeed a global trend in postgraduate education and hence an advantage for students enrolled in UTM Razak School.

Programmes offering Master Project in UTM Razak School are as follows:

Students are required to refer to the provided guide on how to accomplish the various stages of doing the Master Project and also include information on the formal system devised by the School to supervise and assess the master projects. Normally, the students will complete Master Project 1 (MP1) and Master Project 2 (MP2) in two consecutive semesters.