PhD students



Graduated PhD Candidate as Main Supervisor:

Dr Henry Ojobo (2012-2015) GOT, PhD in Architecture

Thesis Title: Psychophysical Benefits of Mountain Landscape Environment as Stimulus for Directed Attention Restoration and Stress Mitigation


Graduated PhD Candidate as Co Supervisor:

Dr Hesham Omran Elfartas (2011-2015)

Thesis Title: The Role of Public Space in the Town Contributing to Social Interaction, A Cohesion of Urban Community


Dr Syumi Rafida binti Abdul Rahman (2012-2015)

Thesis Title: Performance of Tropical Green Roof Plants Based on Chemical Properties or Organic Matter


Current Supervision PhD Program as a Main Supervisor


Eidayu Rosli (2017-2020)

Thesis Title: Green Stormwater Infrastructure for Highland Area in Cameron Highlands


Nazhan Nazran (2012-2020)

Thesis Title: People’s Perception and Preference of Rural Landscape in Kelantan




Inculcate positive attitude towards life through Landscape Architecture