Research Areas/Interest

1ST April 2018 – 31st March 2021


: Establishment of Bamboo Avenue as an Eco Living Lab. (High Impact Research Grant)(Geran Penyelidikan Berimpak Tinggi)(Project Member) RM60,000.00 Cost Centre No: Q.J130000.2421.04G28


1st Feb 2018 –  30th April 2019 : Outdoor Learning Through Homegrown Farming for Middle Childhood Social Behavioral Stimulation. (Research University Grant)(Geran Universiti Penyelidikan UTM Tier 2)(Project Leader) RM10,000 Cost Centre No: Q.J130000.2621.15J24


1st Jan 2017- 31st Dec 2017 : Pembangunan Eko Pelancongan Kemasik, Kemaman Terengganu. (Networking Grant) (Project member) RM20,000 Cost Centre No: S.J130000.7321.4X303


2016-2017 : Heritage Mapping Study on Royal Towns in Malaysia  Study(Kajian Warisan Bandar Diraja) by National Heritage Department (Jabatan Warisan Negara) in collaboration with Pusat Kajian Alam Lingkungan Melayu (KALAM) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Project Member) RM80,000 Vot Num: 1119


1st Jun 2014- 31st May 2016 : A Theoretical Investigation on the Feasibility of a Pedestrian Prioritized Retrofit Model of Malaysian Terrace Row Housing: A step towards achieving Social Sustainability (Science Fund)(Project Member) RM90,000 Cost Centre No: R.J130000.7909.4S104


May 2012 – April 2013 : Perceived environmental factors as affordances for walkability model in urban neighbourhood area (Research University Grant)(Geran Universiti Penyelidikan UTM Tier 2)(Project Leader) RM22,000.00 Cost Centre No: QJ130000.2621.06J60


1st Apr 2011- 31st  March 2013 : Developing a Planting Pallete of Malaysian Native Shrubs for ecological green roof planting in the tropical climate (GUP Tier 1) (Project Member) RM150,000.00 Cost Centre No:Q.J130000.2521.01H33


17th Oct 2000 – 29th Sept 2002 : Ethnobotany Study of Semelai and Jakun: Case Study Tasik Chini and Tasek Bera, Pahang (IRPA Grant) (Project Member) RM151,910 Vot 74272


31st Dec 1996 – 30th Dec 1997 : Comparative Study on the Biodiversity between Urban House Compound and Rural House Compound Ecosystem (GUP Grant) (Project Leader) RM10,000.00 Vot Num: 71700

Inculcate positive attitude towards life through Landscape Architecture