Among the courses that I taught since 1997 are English proficiency courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students such as:
UHB1312 – Proficiency Skills in English
UHB1322 – English for Academic Communication
UHB2332 – English for Professional Communication
UHB1412 – English for Academic Communication
UHB2422 – Advanced English for Academic Communication
UHB3052 – Effective Oral Communication Skills
UVB6013 – English for Postgraduate Communication I
UVB6023 – English for Postgraduate Communication II
English for Civil Engineering (ECE) Programme
English for Mechanical Engineering (EME) Programme
Oral Communication in English (ELSP Course)

I have also taught TESL courses at the undergraduate level which include:
SHE3392 – Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
SHL3482 – Literature in English Language Teaching
SPA2001 – Microteaching
SHL2032 – Linguistics I