PhD students


Manvender Kaur (Passed Viva Voca on 6 December 2013)

– A Corpus-Based Genre Analysis of Work Procedures in Malaysian Petroleum Industry


Syedhamed Sadoughvanini (Passed Viva Voca on 27 September 2013)

Collocation Errors of Iranian Postgraduate Students in Speaking English as a Foreign Language


Hamid Reza Karim (Due for submission of PhD Thesis in 2014)

Focus on Form in EFL Communicative Classes in Private Institutions in Iran


Maryam Tayabinek (Due for submission of PhD Thesis in 2014)

Ambiguity Tolerance in Computer-Assisted Language Learning Environment


Amin Askarizadeh (Passed Proposal Presentation in 2013)

Lecturing Style in Science and Engineering Lectures and the Role of Gender and Interactiveness


Syed Jamal Ebrahimi (Passed Proposal Presentation in 2013)

– Academic Lectures in Malaysian Engineering and Science Disciplines: Rhetorical Structure to Metadiscourse Markers


Noraini Husin (Passed Proposal Presentation in 2013)

– An Investigation of Lexical Familiarisation Devices in a Thematic Corpus-Based List of Fundamental Engineering Terms


Yasmin Hanafi Zaid (Due for Proposal Presentation in January 2014)

– Structural Features of Chemical Engineering Doctoral Theses