Master students

1. Ayu Bidiawati Penjadualan Pengeluaran Menggunakan Aturan Pelepasan Berprioriti Dalam Sistem Bergangguan (Production Scheduling Priority Rules in a Pre-emption System) Completed February 2004
2. Noviyarsi Development of Quality Engineering Framework for Malaysian Automotive Suppliers Completed April  2005
3. Hilma Raimona Zadry The evaluation of Total Quality Management in Malaysian Automotive Suppliers Using Theory of Constraints (TOC) Completed April 2005
4. Mazlan bin Awang A Critical Study on Applications of Industrial Engineering Tools and Techniques in Malaysian Hospitals (June 2003 – Sept 2006) – Completed
5. Mohd Fauzi Ahmad Comparative Study Of Quality Practices Between Local And Japanese Based Companies in Malaysia (June 2004 – April 2009) Completed
6. Mohd Azril bin Amil Supplier Assessment Using Multi variables Approach (July 2006 – August 2009) Completed
7. Elita Amrina Manufacturing Performance Audit Tool (Dec 2007 – August 2009) Completed
8. Nurul Fatiha Mesbah Triz Application (July 2012- Oct 2014 Completed)