Strategic Planning and Team Building UTM Razak Faculty 25-27 January 2019

Sharing my views and directions for RAZAK FACULTY during opening of

Strategic Planning Workshop

Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson 25-27 Jan 2019

Razak Faculty Strategic Planning PD 25Jan2019


Faculty Meeting 26 October 2018

Razak New Faculty Meeting1 26Oct2018

Engagement with Senior Students for New Razak Faculty 22 September 2018

Taklimat Dekan Pendaftaran 3 Sep V2 (3) taklimat synergy pelajar kanan


Powerpoint Slides for Senior Students Engagement on 22 October 2018

– Similar to the New Students Engagement


Engagement with New Undergraduate Students 5th Sept 2018

UG students Briefing 2018 V1


Good Luck to ALL new STUDENTS



Engagement with New Students for Razak Faculty


Taklimat Dekan Pendaftaran 3 Sep V2

Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics

Engagement with Staff on 12 July 2018


Razak New Faculty Engagement 12Jul2018 Ver2