Bachelor Degree

Nor Radwa Bt Ismail2016/2017Forecasting the Southern Oscillation Indices for the East Malaysia
Norhakim Bin Ramli2015/2016Modeling the dependence structure between rainfall and temperature using copula.
Fleming Kou Ping Lin2013/2014Analysis of categorical data for social networking site and depression by using multiple logistic regression
Khor Tzy Chii2013/2014Evaluation of marine water quality stations by principal component analysis
Wan Hamiza Wan Abdul Hamid2013/2014Parameter Estimation: Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Method
Atiqah Mohd Unose2011/2012Trend analysis on Malaysian rainfall data 1975-2007.
Jong Wan Sze2011/2012Resampling method-Bootstrap and Permutation Test
Goh Tzu Wen2011/2012The application of principal component analysis on rainfall data over Peninsular Malaysia.
Chai Fui Ting2010/2011Fitting rainfall distribution in Peninsular Malaysia
Mohd Syarifuddin2010/2011Clustering rainfall station over Peninsular Malaysia
Nurul Syaiima Bt Othman2010/2011The homogeneity of rainfall data series in Peninsular Malaysia
Chong Fei Peng2004/2005The Application of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis on Automobiles Gasoline Mileage
Farizon Bt Wakiman2003/2004Normal Distribution
Lau Chik Kong2002/2003Analyze Data Using Likert Scale
Tiong Yien Ching2002/2003Application of Nonparametric Statistics on Ordinal Data
Chang Lai Ying2002/2003Application of Hierachical Cluster Analysis  in Road Accident in Malaysia
Norhanizah Abdul Rahman2002/2003Contingency Tables and Log Linear Model
Muhammad Hafidz Bin Abdul Malik2001/2002Monetary, M3: Analysis regard to Box Jenkin’s method.
Nordiana Bt Ahmad2000/2001Multiple Linear Regression: Application in Birth Rate Analysis.
Azlina Abu Bakar1999/2000Multiple Linear Regression: Stepwise Regression