Project Leader

Short Term Research Grant

🔸Introducing the functional data analysis technique in comparing the rainfall climate pattern in Peninsular Malaysia.

🔹Budget: RM20000
🔹Period: 01/05/ 2010 – 30/05/2012
🔹Status: Complete

FRGS_Fundamental Research Grant Scheme

🔸Modeling Bivariate Mixed Distribution to the Rainfall Data Over Peninsular Malaysia.

🔹Budget: RM28000
🔹Period: 01/01/2011 – 30 /06/ 2013
🔹Status: Complete
🔸Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Rainfall using Generalized Additive Model.

🔹Budget: RM 61000
🔹Period: 01/04/2013-30/09/2015
🔹Status: Complete
🔸Flood and Flood Disaster: Modelling flood hydrograph in Sg Kelantan River Basin using functional concept.

🔹Budget: RM37000
🔹Period: 1/04/2015-31/03/2016
🔹Status: Complete
🔸Modeling the changes in the El Nino Southern Oscillation Indices using Functional Data Analysis with application to the climate phenomenon in Malaysia.

🔹Budget: RM90200
🔹Period: 1/08/2016-31/07/2018
🔹Status: Active

Research University Grant (RUG)

🔸Spatial Modelling Of Climate Using Geographically Weighted Regression

🔹Budget: RM 40000
🔹Period: 01/07/2017-30/06/2017
🔹Status: Active
🔸Spatial Modeling and Interpolation Using Copulas.

🔹Budget: RM 40000
🔹Period: 01/04/2014-30/09/2016
🔹Status: Active

Business Entity

🔸Program Pengukuhan Matematik Tambahan Tingkatan 4 (Fungsi dan Persamaan Kuadratik)

🔹Budget: RM 4500
🔹Period: 01/03/2017-31/12/2017
🔹Status: Active