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Courses Taught During Last 10 Years

Faculty/ Department/ Program Level Course Codes and Titles
Faculty of Science, Department of Physics,UTM,Malaysia Master in Physics & Bachelor Physics MSF1413 Analytical Techniques
MSF1423 Semiconducting Bulk Materials
USCP0010 Research Methodology
MSF1280 Research Techniques
Undergraduate Project I SSCU 4902
Undergraduate Project II SSCU 4904
MSF1463 Phase Transformation
USP0010 Research Methodology
MSCF1813 Research Methodology
Nuclear Physics Laboratory SSCP2811
Materials Physics Laboratory SSCP2821
Sccience Faculty, Department of Physics, AAU Master in Physics Phys 601 Mathematical Physics
Phys 602 Computational Physics
Phys 621 Statistical Physics
Phys 751 Solid State Physics I
Phys 752 Solid State Physics II
Phys 795 Special Topics
Phys 796 Graduate Project
Phys 799 Graduate Thesis
Phys 602 Statistical Mechanics
Ph.D. Phys 851 Solid State Physics III
Phys 892 Special Topics
Phys 895 Seminar I
Phys 896 Seminar II
Phys 899 Ph.D. Dissertation
Bachelor in Physics Phys 321 Statistical Physics I
Phys 202 Electricity & Magnetism
Phys 242 Modern Physics
Phys 421 Statistical Physics II
Phys 451 Solid State Physics I
Phys 496 Senior Project
Faculty of Science, Materials Science Program, AAU Masters in Materials Science MASC 603 Mathematical Methods in Materials Science
MASC 607 Quantum Theory in Materials Science
MASC 608 Computational Methods in Materials Science
MASC 701 Special Topics in Materials Science
MASC 703 Special Topics in Materials Science
MASC 705 Seminar in Materials Science
MASC 790 Graduate Thesis

Faculty of Science, Environmental Science Program, AAU



Masters in Environmental Science ENSC 679 Environmental Modelling
ENSC 631 Environmental Modelling
ENSC 611 Environmental Physics
Faculty of Education, Physics Education, AAU Masters in Physics Education PyEd 642 Quantum Mechanics
PyEd 601 Mathematical Methods for Physics
PyEd 611 Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Bachelor in Physics Education PhyEd 451 Solid State Physics
Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AAU Masters in Microelectronics ECEG 6710 Solid State Electronics
ECEG 6799 Graduate Thesis
ECEG 6795 Selected Topics
ECEG 6701 Numerical Modelling for Semiconductor Devices and Processing