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Submitted/Communicated (15)

1. Judd-Ofelt analysis of spectroscopic properties of Er3+ doped sodium tellurite glasses co-embedded with TiO2 nanoparticles. S. K. Ghoshal, M. R. Sahar, Asmahani Awang, R. Arifin, Journal of Luminescence (Submitted).
2. Concentration dependent structural and spectroscopic properties of Sm3+/Yb3+ co-doped sodium tellurite glass in the presence of silver nanoparticles. Fakhra Nawaz, M. R. Sahar, S. K. Ghoshal, & Asmahani Awang, Journal of Physics B (Submitted).
3. Role of gold nanoparticles on spectroscopic properties of Sm3+-doped tellurite glass. S. K. Ghoshal, A. Awing & M.S. Affendi, Optical Materials, (Submitted).
4. Plasmon enhanced luminescence in Er3+:Au Zinc-tellurite Glass. S. K. Ghoshal, M. N. A Jamaludin, & M. R. Sahar, Plasmonics (Submitted).
5. Nanoglass Plasmonics: Past, Present and Future. S. K. Ghoshal, H. S. Tewari, & M. R. Sahar, Mat. Sc. Res. Ind. (Submitted).
6. Granular Matter: A Window into Collective Systems with Complexity. S. K. Ghoshal, H. S. Tewari, M. R. Sahar & M. S. Rohani, Mat. Sc. Res. Ind. (Submitted).
7. Structural features of radio frequency magnetron sputtering grown germanium nanoislands in silica matrix: Role of annealing temperature and bi-layer thickness. Alireza Samavati, Z. Othaman & S. K. Ghoshal, Thin Solid Film (Submitted).
8. Thermal and photoluminescence properties of nanogold-embedded rare earth doped disordered tellurite media. Asmahani Awang, S. K. Ghoshal, M. R. Sahar, & R. Arifin, Journal of Applied Physics A (Submitted).
9. Gold nanoparticles stimulated variations in thermal and optical properties of Er3+ doped tellurite glasses. S. K. Ghoshal, Asmahani Awang, M. R. Sahar, & R. Arifin, Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics (Submitted).
10. Gold and silver nanoparticles stimulated variations of optical properties and Judd-Ofelt parameters of Er3+ in tellurite glasses: comparative analyses. S. K. Ghoshal, Asmahani Awang, M. R. Sahar, & R. Arifin, Chalcognide Letters (Submitted).
11. Photoluminescence of ZnO nanofilm and silicon oxide composites. Alireza Samavati, Z. Othaman & S. K. Ghoshal, Materials Science Poland (Submitted).
12. Optical properties and structural evolution of self-assembled ZnO nanostructures on SiO2 substrate. Alireza Samavati, Zulkafli Othaman & Sib Krishna Ghoshal, Materials Letters (Submitted).
13. Luminescence properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles embedded samarium doped tellurite glass. N. Yousof, S.K. Ghoshal, & R. arifin, Materials letters (Submitted).
14. Influence of annealing temperature on the optical properties of boro-tellurite glass. Zahra Ashur Said Mahraz, M. R. Sahar & S.K. Ghoshal, Nano (Submitted).
15. Physical and absorption properties of titanium nanoparticles incorporated zinc magnesium phosphate glass. S.F Ismail, M.R. Sahar, S.K. Ghoshal, Journal of Noncrystalline Solids (Submitted).