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Master Graduate – Iza’in

Iza’in Nurfateha Binti Ruzan

Master of Computer Science, 2015.

Research Title:





Thesis:  (PDF)


PhD Graduate – Sarfraz

Sarfraz N. Brohi, PhD


Secure Cloud Storage Model to Preserve Confidentiality and Integrity



Thesis: (PDF)

PhD Graduate – Mervat

Mervat Bamiah, PhD, 2015.


Trusted Cloud Computing Framework in Critical Industrial Application



Thesis (PDF)



Secured data partitioning in multi cloud environment

Secured data partitioning in multi cloud environment

Hazila Hasan; Suriayati Chuprat

(Profiled Author: Suriayati Chuprat)

2014 4th World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies, WICT 2014. 2015:146-151.


© 2014 IEEE.Data security and privacy have become the biggest concern in cloud computing due to the fact that data can be compromised if cloud service storage is being attacked or during cloud service breakdown. Therefore, the adoption of data partitioning in multi cloud environment to address this issue has attracted academia and researchers’ interest. Hence, this paper will discuss the concept of data partitioning, the current state-of-the-art of data partitioning and secured data partitioning in multi cloud environment. We then compared the current security approaches used to secure data partitioning in multi cloud environment. Lastly, we conclude that pure data partitioning alone is insufficient to address data security and privacy problem. Therefore, we will extend this issue for our future work.

Task scheduling Algorithm Based on PSO and Invasive Weed

Task scheduling algorithm based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) and invasive weed optimization to execute tasks in overloaded situation for preemptive system

Amir Hatami Hardoroudi; Suriayati Chuprat

(Profiled Author: Suriayati Chuprat)

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 2015;10(2):499-505.


© 2006-2015 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).So many studies have been done in order to execute all the tasks in real-time scheduler systems. However, different researcher are tried to tackle overload situation in real-time systems by using swarm algorithm. These studies have been categorized based on the various parameters which are important in real-time systems. As an instance, system cost, processor waiting time, number of tasks, balance use of system and etc. By increasing number of the task in task set, process time will be increased. In this situation, processor waiting time will be high when the number of the task increased and as result system cost is raising. To solve mentioned issue the authors proposed a task scheduler which is used PSO algorithm in order to cover deficiencies of previous studies in overloaded situation. This algorithm is suggested for preemptive tasks in uniprocessor in real-time systems. The result of the research has been shown PSO perform better while other common scheduling algorithm same as EDF and ACO are being over loaded. The authors by combine PSO and Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO) suggest a new algorithm that is called HPI algorithm which can perform better than PSO and schedule more tasks in overload situation.

Resepi Marble Cheese Brownies

Nak share satu lagi resepi yang simple dan sedap yang Ilham ajarkan pada Malaysian ladies di York.

Ilham memang talented bakers — thank you my dear.


Marble Cheese Brownies by Ilham

  • Cheese mixture (campur saje semua ni, gaul sampai smooth.xdak ketoi2):


    -1 tub 200g philadelphia cheese biasa (asda kdg2 ada promo 2 for 3 pound)

    -agak2 suku cawan castor sugar atau granulated sugar (cawan ikea kanak2 tu sy pakai)

    -1 egg


    Chocolate mixture:

    -meltkan dlm saucepan yg kering 1 bar setengah plain chocolate (asda jugak hehe 74 pence satu bar 150g) bersama 3/4 buku unsalted butter

    -dlm mangkuk asing, pukul 3 biji telur dengan 1/2 ke 1 cawan gula (ikut preference masing2)

    -campur sekali melted chocolate dgn campuran telur+gula.sambil campur sambil kacau takut telur jadi ketul2.

    -masukkan 1/2 cawan plain flour dan kacau.



    -tuang 3/4 chocolate mixture dlm baking tin atau bekas yg sesuai.

    -atasnya tuang semua cheese mixture

    -atas sekali tuang remaining chocolate mixture. -gunakan garfu pun boleh utk corak kan marble atasnya.

    -bakar dalam preheated oven 180 celcius for 35-45 minutes