My emphasis in teaching is on learning. My teaching goal is to facilitate learning and I believe that lecturer plays a major role in that. My emphasis is on helping the student to learn, rather than just dispensing my knowledge to them. I am there to “light their candle,” not just “fill their bucket.” The student will ultimately leave the protective environment of the ‘educational system’ to enter society as, hopefully, a contributing entity. Thus, students should be equipped with necessary skills such as critical thinking skills, problems solving skills, communication skills, social skills, and technology skills. Therefore, they could become good leader and good citizen. As a lecturer, my goal is to share this process, focusing on subject matter in my area of expertise, using current teaching tools available.


Making a positive impact on my students’ lives has been at the center of my teaching philosophy. As a lecturer, I believe it is my responsibility to shape my students’ experience to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. While students must understand the content of the course, it is equally important that students acquire the skills of learning, including problem solving, scientific inquiry, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Memorizing facts and formulas is only a part of what it takes to master a subject area – the ability to apply this knowledge is where true value is derived. My approach in the classroom emphasizes the application of material to relevant examples that the students may carry forward in their professional life. Practical experience is important in one’s career success. My class offering students ways to engage in scenario-based learning, organising symposium, presenting paper in symposium and work-based learning approach is vital for their educational and networking process. I believe in utilizing new strategies to convey information to students, being flexible, understand their abilities and needs, and being open to altering assignments due to immediate feedback, class size, or online platform.


I am a believer of adopting diverse techniques and methods to assess students’ academic abilities, background, and learning styles; which can be more effective for different students. Thus, I used blended assessment and evaluation through summative and formative Approach. Therefore, for each major concept, I explain verbally, provide illustrations, discuss implications, use visuals and work out numerical examples. I always include scenarios that represent real work situations in which students apply the learned concepts and demonstrate a variety of skills, such as evaluating and synthesizing information, while enhancing their writing ability to communicate with others through Business Simulation Approach, Projects and Final Exam.


To enhance my teaching, I have incorporated scenario-based learning approaches in my classroom. Before this, my teaching approach only focuses on lecturing, solving problems, using video and case study. However, after my own research and reflection from previous courses, I found that it’s important to incorporate real life scenario for the students to really understand the real-life problems. My scenario-based learning approaches used more student-centred learning. On top of that, due to Covid 19 pandemic and classes been conducted online, I used a lot of online tools such as e-learning, online videos, Jamboard, online mind map, Online Explorace, talk from practitioner and conducted international webinar with Indonesian University. After completed each approach, I collected students’ feedback using survey. Thus, from the feedback, I satisfied with my approaches and will try to improve and make my class more interesting for the coming semester.

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