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Plotting Data in Gnuplot

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Normally, you do not need to import the data into gnuplot to plot it.  
Just use the plot command directly with the filename

plot “filename.dat” with line using 1:2


plot = is the command to plot

“filename.dat” = is the filename and the filetype located in the active folder

with line = how will you plot your data? This command uses a line connecting the datapoints.
Another option is “with point”. There are various options that you can choose but you will need to learn/explore it. Please google yourself for more info.

using 1:2 = this command tells gnuplot which column in your “filename.dat” to plot your data.
In this case, it is columns 1 and 2 for x and y, respectively.

If this does not work, there are several possible reasons:

  1. The folder location is wrong
  2. The filename is wrong
  3. The selected columns are wrong
  4. The datafile separator is different
  5. and other reasons that I do not know yet..

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You can also perform mathematical operations on the data directly.  For example, you want to squareroot column 2 in the data… or maybe multiply it with 1000.. or sine it.. you get the idea.

To do this, use parentheses ( ) and you can perform such operations.. For example:

using ($1):2 = the dollar sign indicates column. If you do not put $ symbol, the “1” will be the number 1 and not a constant. As you can see, there is no mathematical operation here (yet).

using ($1*2):2 = multiplies column 1 with 2.

using ($1**4):2 = column 1 to the power of 4.

using 1:(sqrt($2**2+$3**2)) = square root the sum of squared data from column 2 and 3.

You can perform all sorts of maths operation to the data..

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