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Lab Rules and Expectations

What to expect when you join my lab.

  1. Graduate on time (GOT) is NEVER a priority. Quality of work and knowledge is the utmost priority. Be prepared to extend. Your only reason for graduation is that you have done sufficient work, reach sufficient level of complexity and obtained sufficient data in my point of view.  Do not compare with other students from other labs and say, they graduated even with this little of data/work. In my lab, I set the benchmark.
  2. Expected to work more than the initial scope of work.
  3. We will only publish interesting results in papers with impact factor only. We will NOT publish in journals without impact factor i.e. “scopus-only” indexed. We will upload our pre-print into arxiv but that does not count as a publication.
  4. Your title and objectives may change during the research.
  5. To read one journal paper means to read MORE than one journal. You will have to trace the papers that it cited as well as papers that cited it. Use google scholar for this.  You might need to read books to understand the original journal.
  6. Be prepared to work more than 8 hours a day.
  7. You must check your own work before submitting it to me.  When I was a student, I would proof-read my own papers/thesis at least 7-8 times before submitting it to my supervisors for the first time.
  8. Also, be prepared to do corrections an unlimited, infinite number of times. Do realize that we might not catch everything when we read it and hence, multiple corrections.
  9. Must use LaTeX for thesis and papers.
  10. Use Gnuplot or any similar softwares.
  11. You are also expected to guide juniors in the lab.
  12. Before adding any authors to a paper, discuss with me to get my approval first. Without my approval, you cannot add any authors. Only significant contribution warrants authorship.
  13. In my lab, proof-reading a paper does not warrant an authorship. Please thank the proof-reader in acknowledgement section.
  14. After you have submitted your thesis, you are expected to continue coming to lab and to participate in meetings.  You are expected to continue working to get better results that can be included into your defense presentation or to pass knowledge to your juniors.

These rules applies to all levels of education be it M.Sc. mixed-mode or even PSM