Recognition & Awards

  1. Best Asia Pacific EPR/ESR (APES) 2014 Poster Award
    Awarded at: Joint Conference of APES2014-IES-SEST2014.
    Prize: ¥20,000 (approximately USD 200).
  2. Invited Speaker
    20 May 2014: Ibnu Sina Institute Seminar Series 53, UTM Malaysia.
  3. YEP Japan CST University Publication Award 2013
    Awarded by: AET, Inc. Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Japan.
    Prize: One-year full license for CST Simulation software for UTM and Osaka University worth RM 247,000 each (university license price: c.a. RM 49,000 each).
  4. Young Researcher Best Presentation Award
    Awarded at: Thailand-Japan Microwave Conference 2012.