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Registering your website to Google

First and foremost, you should know that Google search engine uses a “machine” called Googlebot and it crawls the web to index it.

If Googlebot did not or could not visit your website, these are the consequences:

  1. You are unable to find your website in your Google search results
  2. Your “hits” did not increase even though you added more contents.

Before I explain further, the term “hits” here is a misnomer. Many refer to the google search results as “Hits”.

The truth is:

“Hits” = is somewhat closer to the meaning of “visits”

“Google Results” = number of pages

To get your bonus marks in webometrics, you will need:

1% = 100 pages
2% = 250 pages
3% = 500 pages
4% = 1000 pages
5% = 2000 pages

As of 3 Feb 2016, this is my google search results:

20160203 MyGoogleSearch

Back to the main story, how do you encourage Googlebot to visit and index your website?

A. Link your website to the front page of a famous website.

Situation 1: is a famous website and probably is constantly crawled by Googlebot and your website link is at the front page of — Googlebot to reach your page very fast.

Situation 2:

Your page website link is buried deep away from For example: from the UTM front page, it links to Research Alliance, which links to your faculty, which links to your department, which is linked to your unit and finally to your page.  — this will take a longer time for Googlebot to reach your page.

B. Create something that is sensational and will viral around the net

C.  Submit your website to googlebot and wait for them to crawl to your website.
You will need to login.


Frequently asked question:

How soon will Googlebot visit my website?
We have no control over it. It might be 1 day, it maybe be months.

I have added many pages but my google search results is not up-to-date.
Well, since the previous visit from Googlebot, it has not crawled your website again. Hence, no change.