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Writing Resume

Resumes is the first level of introduction between a candidate to a potential employer.

It lacks any form of human interaction but it is a written representation of you, in hope of describing yourself to the potential employer.

Here are some tips that I would like to share

Content is king

To quote my friend, “Content is king”. That means that your design is not priority – do only what is enough. Not too much colours, not too fancy. Keep it simple and light.

Lesson Learnt

Instead of just stating what you did, focus on “your experience”.  If you did a part time job, describe what you learnt, what was the outcome, what failed and how you solved it. Be specific, include keywords and numbers when you can.  Worked in a group of 10 people to organize … a total of 200 participants. You can talk on the following:

  • Subjects and Projects
  • Working experiences and skills
  • Activities
  • Awards

What to include?


You must write a proper, formal email.  Remember, this is even more crucial than your resume, because your resume is an attachment.  If it is a general email, do include a cover letter. Click here on tips on writing a formal email.

Also, get an email account with your proper name.  Do not use “”

Whatsapp messages

Some ads will provide a whatsapp number for candidates to contact.  Treat them as emails and contact only during office hours.