Mohd Akhir Aman Shah, Thesis: Experimental of Lightweight Brake Disc Rotor for Road Vehicle, UTM Razak School.


Muhammad Khairul Khalid, Thesis: Analysis of Self-Piercing Rivet (SPR) on a Thin-Plate Structure, MJIIT.


Izyani Mohd Yazid, Thesis: New Magnetorheological Damper Using Combination of Shear and Squeeze Working Mode, MJIIT.

Date Student






Fazimah Mat Noor, UTM Razak School

Salah Mahdi Ali, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Shahrokh Shahraki, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Bijan Ganji Jameshooran, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mohd Yazid Abu, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Date Student Research Proposal Title Faculty
30/04/2019 Izwan Hamidi Mohamad Hairani Bond Slip Behaviour of Fly Ash and Slag Based Geopolymer Concrete Razak Faculty
02/05/2019 Ali Salim Abdullah Al Tooqi The Impact of Disruption Factors on The Efficiency of Fuel Transportation of Petroleum Marketing Companies in Oman Razak Faculty
31/05/2018 Mohd Affendy Amir Operational Excellence Program for Upstream Brown Field Through Effective Onshore and Offshore Operation and Maintenance Interface Collaboration UTM Razak School
28/05/2018 George De Cruz Prioritizing and Budgeting of Maintenance Activities in a Cement Kiln UTM Razak School
02/05/2018 Kumaresan Magaswaran Enhancing Low Frequency Performance of Acoustic Black Hole (ABH) MJIIT
02/05/2018 Ahmad Ashraf Ahmad Ali Consumes Perception Towards the Remanufacturing Goods in Automotive Industry UTM Razak School
02/05/2018 Nor Azlina Ahmad Zaini Development of Green Supplier Selection Model for Public Projects Using Integrated Delphi-Analytic Network Process (ANP) UTM Razak School
03/05/2018 Jap Jee Siang Condition Monitoring of Turbomachinery Using Data Fusion Technique in Convolutional Neural Networks UTM Razak School
03/05/2018 Nur Najmiah Jaafar Bus Arrival Time Prediction Using Mahalanobis-Taguchi System UTM Razak School
03/05/2018 Shahnaz Ali Abdalla Mohamed Develop of The Delay Analysis Framework for Residential Building Construction in Abu Dhabi, UAE UTM Razak School





Osh Management Framework For Contractor Engagement in Design And Build Contract on Water Services

UTM Razak School
22/11/2017 Yap Jee Siang

Condition Monitoring Of Turbomachinery with Deep Learning Approach

UTM Razak School
02/06/2016 Mahmudin Saleh Sustainable Processing of Natural Fibres for Downstream Application UTM Razak School
03/06/2016 Ravi Krishnan Process Optimization of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Using Taguchi Method UTM Razak School
24/05/2016 Lee Mao Rui Contractor’s Key Performance Indicators for Housing Construction Project in Malaysia UTM Razak School
15/11/2016 Suraya Mohamad Nadzir Effect of High Temperature Steam Oxidation on Creep Properties of T91 Superheated Tube for Boiler Application UTM Razak School
22/11/2016 Muhammad Khairul Ruslan Memantapkan Budaya Keselamatan di Firma Pembinaan Melalui Pelaksanaan Sistem Pengurusan Keselamatan Dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (OHSAS 18001:2007) UTM Razak School
22/11/2016 Tan Hong Wai Lean Management System for Improving Inventory Turnover at New Edge Sdn. Bhd. UTM Razak School
06/12/2016 Azmil Md Hassim Operational Modal Analysis Based on Deflection Mode of Operational Complex Pipeline System UTM Razak School
18/11/2016 Aziizur Rahman Abdul Aziz Acoustical Performance of Kenaf / Polypropylene / Epoxy Composite as a High Acoustic Absorber / Barrier At Aircraft Hangar UTM Razak School
15/11/2016 Fadhilah Abdul Razak Investigation of Dual Piezoelectric Fans with Magnetic Fans on Electronic Cooling System UTM Razak School
06/12/2016 Ooi Ching Sheng Health Monitoring of Underground Storage Tank (UST) UTM Razak School
13/01/2015 Abdul Malek Abdul Wahab Torsional Instability Analysis and Non-Linear Vibration od Shaft System under Parametric Excitation MJIIT
Dec 2015 Mohd Omar Mukhtar Zainul Azmi Bath Agitation Enhancement in Electroless Nickel Plating Processing Tank for Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2015 Ravi Krishnan Process Optimization of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Production, Using Taguchi Method UTM Razak School
Dec 2015 Liew Chee Leong

Effective Adoption of

Strategic Management Process in An Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Organization

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2015 Sideq Salleh Effects of Non-Spherical Colloidal Silica Slurry Shape, Size and Particle Distribution On Al-Nip Hdd Substrates CMP Application Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2015 Clement C.Scully Risk Based Dynamic Scheduling and Tracking Using Fuzzy Method Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2015 Muhamad Suhaimi Deris Conditioned Air and Thermal Comfort in Operating Theater Room in Malaysia Climate Condition Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2015 Nor Azizi Mazalan Coal Fired Power Plant Process Modeling Utilizing Actual Plant Data Based on Neural Network Algorithm Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
30/04/2015 Sofyan Djamil Pencirian Komposit Matriks Polimer Bertelulang Gentian Semulajadi Bulu Giganchtolioa Apus UTM Razak School
26/11/2015 Kambiz Ghafourian Sustainable Measurement Model For Construction And Demolition Waste Management In Malaysia UTM Razak School
15/12/2014 Azianashima A Continuous Squeeze Mode Magnetorheological Damper MJIIT
07/12/2015 Ahmad Aizuddin Abd Aziz Fundamental Investigation Aspherical Lens Mould Lapping MJIIT
15/12/2014 Ubaidillah Functional Behaviour of Novel Waste Base Magnetorheological Elastomer in Compression Mode MJIIT

Ayad Omran


Effect of Treatment on the microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6A1(1-3 wt %) Fe alloys for Aerospace Applications

UTM Razak School


Hanafiah Omar

Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester: A Design Configuration for Wireless Sensor Nodes

UTM Razak School
24/11/2014 Nurul Hazwani Mohamad Hanafi Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Service-exposed Ni-Cr Superalloy Turbine Blade UTM Razak School

Halim Shah Hamzah

Automotive Core Component Price Determination Using Expert System UTM Razak School
17/01/2013 Liza @ Sri Redzeki Mohd Anuar Establishment of Proton Accelerated Corrosion Test Procedures UTM Razak School



Said Alraqadi

Knowledge of Competencies, Through

Multi-Method Choice to Boost Fleet Support with Specific Reference to Omani Dockyard

UTM Razak School

Nasuha Lee


Impact of Operational Complexity in Quality

Management Practices- Performance Relationships in Malaysian Electrical

and Electronics Manufacturing Industry

UTM Razak School



3D Images for Asset Management: A Case

Study for Hospital Management

UTM Razak School



Performance Management Re-Invention Integrating Organizational Communication Upon Business Transformation UTM Razak School
07/01/2013 Hanida Abdullah Online Modelling and Performance Prediction for Noise Reduction of Exhaust Muffler MJIIT
23/11/2012 Mohd Nazir Abd Rahman Lean Process using TRIZ UTM Razak School
Date Student Research Proposal Title Faculty
26/04/2019 Aezal Muhammad Faim Zainol Abidin Oxidation Behaviour of Ti-6Al-(1-3)Wt% Fe at Temperature between 650 oC to 850 oC Razak Faculty


Gail R Al


Hybrid Renewable Energy: Tidal Current Turbine & Solar Power Electrification One

Fathom Bank Malaysia

UTM Razak School
30/05/2017 Dewi Utami Durability of Magnetorheological Fluid on Magnetorheological Valve MJIIT


Ikhwan Bin


Properties Enhancement of Chemically Retted Kenaf Fiber in Kenaf/Polypropylene Composites

Using Response Surface Method

UTM Razak School
20/11/2017 Law Jieh Design Of Mold Runner System for Relay Components via Plastic Injection UTM Razak School
10/05/2016 Mohd Dasuki Yussof Research Title UTM Razak School
10/05/2016 Mohd Fadzil Hassan@Ismail Research Title UTM Razak School
28/04/2016 Nurul Liyana Burhanuddin Research Title MJIIT
13/05/2016 Yusli Mohamad Yunus Research Title UTM Razak School
27/11/2015 Sandafaye Sone Numerical and Experimental Modal Verification of Vibration Characteristic in Automotive Crankshaft MJIIT
15/04/2015 Muhammad Faiz Wahab Development of New Lapping Technology for Aspheric Lens using CNC Machine MJIIT
23/04/2014 Nor Amyra Hana Mohd Yusoff The Effects of Operating Parameter on a Highly Efficient Pem Electrolyzer in Hydrogen Production MJIIT