My research interests include but not limited to the followings:

  • Characterisation of zinc oxide lightning arresters
  • Characterisation of metal oxide varistors
  • Ageing and condition monitoring of gapless surge arresters
  • Lightning discharges, lightning strike locating, and lightning protection and warning
  • PD Characteristics of nanodielectrics
  • Palm Oil based insulating material
  • High voltage and high current transducers
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Ageing and condition monitoring of power transformers

Research Grants



  1. Project Leader, Lightning localisation and warning system, Nov 2016-Nov 2018, RM19,042 (Vot 4B275)
  2. Project Leader, A Finite Different Time Domain Lightning Propagation Model with the Consideration of Soil Structure and Frequency Dependent Soil Parameter, Oct 2017-Dec 2019, RM15,000 (Vot 4B345)
  3. Project Leader, Lightning Localisation and Warning System Second Phase, Dec 2018-Nov 2020, RM15,000 (Vot 4B379)



  1. Project Leader, Development of Intelligent Condition Monitoring of HV Devices, Apr 2012-Apr 2014, RM122,816 (Vot 4C022)  
  2. Project Leader, Research on the Effect of Solar Radiation, Mechanical Vibration and Rainfalls on the Reliability of Pre-fabricated Joints and Terminations for MV Aerial Bundle Cables, Jul 2011-Jun 2013, RM92,112 (Vot 4C013)


  1. Project Leader, Study on lightning current effect for multi-pulsation,  1996-1997, Vot. 62536.
  2. Project Member, New design of high voltage surge arresters, 2000-2002, IRPA (Acting PL), RM231,800 (Vot 72352)
  3. Project Leader, Three-dimensional mapping of lightning event recorded using broadband interferometer antenna system Nov 2019–Apr 2022, Collaborative Research Grant National (UNIMAP), RM20,000 (Vot No 4B482)


  1. Project Leader, A new circuit-based transient model for grounding electrodes, Aug 2016-Jul 2019, RM122,000 (Vot 4F828)
  2. Project Leader, Characterisation of protection system including dynamic ground under high frequency lightning, Dec 2013-Dec 2015, RM70,000 (Vot 4F291)
  3. Project Leader, Fundamental characterization and new numerical modeling of dielectric electroluminescence property of XLPE for future diagnostic application of high voltage cable, Aug 2011-Mar 2012, RM33,600 (Vot 78537)
  4. Project Leader, A Novel Mathematical Model of Electrical Tree Progression in Polymeric Insulating Materials for Future Diagnostic of High Voltage Based on Statistical Approach of Copulas, Jan 2011-Dec 2012, RM50,700.00 (Vot 4F022)
  5. Project Leader, A new technique for metal oxide surge arresters failure diagnostic using return voltage measurement, Sep 2007-Aug 2009, RM13,788.80 (Vot No 3F208)


  1. Project Leader, Development of a remote lightning mapping system utilising existing overhead telecommunication cable, Nov 2006–Nov 2008, RM208,495 (Vot 79032/3S031)
  2. Project Leader, Temperature effects on the voltage current characteristics of distribution ZnO surge arresters, Aug 2007-Jul 2009, RM113,000 (Vot 79125/3S124)
  3. Project Leader, Multiple and simultaneous lightning strike interaction with reticulated gas pipeline systems, Jul 2011-Sep 2013, RM224,600 (Vot 4S004)
  4. Project Member, Localised multi-station lightning detection and warning system, Oct 12-Mar 14, (Acting PL), RM151,000 (Vot 4S045)


  1. Progamme Leader, Thunderstorm warning system. Dec 2018–May 2022, UTM-TDR41, RM240,000 (Vot No 05G89)
  2. Project Leader, Improved thunderstorm warning algorithm. Dec 2018–May 2022, TDR41.4, RM40,000 (Vot No 05G88)
  3. Project Leader, Algorithm for lighting warning system phase 2. Apr 2020–Mar 2021, Industry-International Incentive Grant, RM10,000 (Vot No 02M18)
  4. Project Leader, Algorithm for lighting warning system. Apr 2019–Sep 2021, Industry-International Incentive Grant, RM10,000 (Vot No 01M44)
  5. Project Leader, Categorisation of partial discharge sources in a GIS equipment. Jul 2017–Jun 2019, Tier 1, RM40,000 (Vot No 18H10)
  6. Project Leader, Online condition monitoring of high voltage equipment for improved energy efficiency and reliability. Apr 2011–Mar 2013, Tier 1, RM170,000 (Vot No 00H41)
  7. Project Leader, Lightning Detection And Warning System, Dec 12-Dec 14, Tier 1, RM128,004 (Vot No 03H59)
  8. Project Leader, Ageing severity and end of life assessment of glass disc insulator using emitted ultra-violet and infra-red emissions,  May 2015 – Oct 2016, RM50,000 (Vot 10H61)
  9. Project Member, New circuitry model for charge storage evaluation of supercapacitor, Jul 2014 – Jun 2015, RM20,000 (Vot 01K09)
  10. Project Member, Correlational study of lightning isokeraunic level with air pollution in Johor Bahru, Apr 2014 – Mar 2016, RM76,810 (Vot 07H13)
  11. Project Member, Analysis of atmospheric electric field and cloud to ground lightning using Anfis method, Jul 2014 – Jun 2015, RM20,000 (Vot 08H71)
  12. Project Member, Lightning Alert System and Electric Field Study using Electric Field Mill, May 2012 – Apr 2013, RM40,000 (Vot 05J96)
  13. Project Member, An investigation of thermal distribution on partial discharge for surge arrester, May 2012 – Apr 2014, RM80,000 (Vot 02H68)
  14. Project Member, Integrated atmospheric electricity sensor system and lightning cloud profile analysis, Apr 2011 – Jul 2012, RM40,000 (Vot 01J95)
  15. Project Member, Dielectric Properties of Moringa Oil as an Electrical Insulating Material for Power Transformers, Apr 2011 – Jul 2012, RM40,000 (Vot 01J94)
  16. Project Member, Investigation of Propensity Difference for Water Tree Detection in Underground Polymeric Cable,  Jun 2012 – Jun 2014, RM50,000 (Vot 4L055)
  17. Project Leader, Design and construction of new coaxial high voltage fast impulse current transducer, Jan 2000-Jan 2001, RM19,900 (Vot 71586)
  18. Project Leader, Development of a non-inductive high voltage D-dot probe voltage transducer system, Jun 2000- Jun 2001, RM19,950 (Vot 71598)
  19. Project Leader, A New Concept of Onsite ZnO Surge Arrester Condition Monitoring Using Thermal Image and Third Harmonic of Resistive Leakage Current Correlation, Dis 2009-Jun 2011, RM20,000 (Vot 78228/3T094)
  20. Project Leader, Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Monitor (MOSAM), Nov 2013-Dis 2014, RM35,000 (Vot ICC 00C80)


  1. Project Leader/Supervisor, Post-doctoral appointment of Dr Amirreza Naderipour, Evaluation of uncertainty in the hybrid energy system, including wind turbine, photovoltaic, and hydrogen storage using information gap decision theory, Jul 2020-Jun 2021, RM65,000 (Vot 05E09)
  2. Project Leader/Supervisor, Post-doctoral appointment of Dr Amirreza Naderipour, A new control strategy for distributed sources grid-connected inverter at the microgrid, Jul 2018-Jun 2020, RM125,600 (Vot 04E54)
  3. Project Leader/Supervisor, Post-doctoral appointment of Dr Nadia Mahmaudi Khatir, Design and Fabrication of Nanobiosensors (using DNA) and Thin Films, Nov 2013-Oct 2014, RM71,000 (Vot 00E92)
  4. Project Leader/Supervisor, Post-doctoral appointment of Dr Habib Hamidinezhad, Fabrication of Silicon Nanowires and their Structural Optical Characteristics, Apr 2012-Mar 2013, RM77,000 (Vot 00E12)