PhD Researchers

PhD Student

Year No. Name Status
Roles of Supervision
2008-2012 1. Zuraimy Adzis Graduated Modeling of Lightning Return Stroke And Its Induced Voltage On Overhead Conductor Sole Supervisor
2008-2011 2. David Caulker Graduated Induced Overvoltages on a Gas Pipeline due to Lightning Strikes on Nearby Overhead Transmission Line Co- Supervisor
2009- 3. Aulia Sayuti Ongoing2009- PD Characteristics of A New Nanodielectric Based on Natural Rubber-LDPE Blend Main Supervisor
2010- 4. Novizon Yusoff Ongoing2010- Condition Based Monitoring of ZnO Surge Arrester Using Correlation Between Thermal Image and Third Harmonic of Resistive Leakage Current Sole Supervisor
2011 5. Hadi Nabipour Afrouzy Ongoing2011- Modeling of PD in High Voltage Machine Windings Main Supervisor
2011-2014 6. Saeed Vahabi Mashak Graduated Condition Monitoring of Metal-oxide Surge Arresters Using Leakage Current and Thermography Techniques Sole Supervisor
2011 7. Kamyar Mehranzamir Ongoing2011- Characterization and Mapping of Lightning Discharge by Using Genetic Algorithm and VLF Techniques Sole Supervisor
2011 8. Behnam Salimi Ongoing2011- Characterization and Mapping of Lightning Discharge by VHF Techniques Sole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleRoles of Supervision
20119.Ali ElgayarOngoing2011-Induced Voltage on a Gas Pipeline due to Lightning Strikes on Nearby Overhead Transmission LineSole Supervisor
201110.Nurul Aini BaniOngoing2011-The Measurement and Modelling of Electroluminescence In Low Density Polyethylene Using Dimensional Analysis MethodSole Supervisor
201111.Mohd Aizam TalibOngoing2011-A novel method on transformer fault diagnosis using dielectric response techniquesCo-Supervisor
201112.Amir Hesam KhavariOngoing2011-Thermal modeling of zinc oxide surge arresterSole Supervisor
201113.Mehrdad MokhtariOngoing2011-Characterisation of Protection System Including Dynamic Ground Under High Frequency LightningSole Supervisor
201214.Intan Maisarah Abd Rahim2012-2014(change supervisor)An Investigation of Thermal Distribution on Partial Discharge for Surge ArresterCo-Supervisor
201415.Wooi Chin LeongOngoing2014-Lightning discharge characterisation using artificial neural networkMain Supervisor

Master Researchers

YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
2001-20071Zalizah bt PoniranGraduated Study on the deterioration of paper insulation in high voltage transformersReseachMain Supervisor
2006-20092Aulia SayutiGraduatedLightning Locating System Using Twisted Pair Overhead LinesReseachSole Supervisor
2007-20093Novizon YusoffGraduatedCondition  Monitoring of ZnO Surge Arresters Using Thermography and Leakage Current MethodReseachSole Supervisor
2011-20134Wooi Chin LeongGraduatedZnO Surge Arrester Ageing Monitoring Using Leakage Current and Thermal Imaging TechniquesReseachSole Supervisor
2011-20145Nur Asilah Abd GhafarGraduatedNew Concept of ZnO Surge Arrester Condition Monitoring Using Thermal Image and Third Harmonic of Resistive Leakage Current CorrelationReseachSole Supervisor
2004-20086BaharuddinNot CompletedTemperature effects on the voltage current characteristics of distribution ZnO surge arrestersReseachSole Supervisor
20017Zuraimi bin AdzisGraduatedDesign of a Trigerrable High Current Switch and Modeling of a Spark GapTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
20048Zikri Abadi b BaharudinGraduatedSimulation of low-voltage AC protection systems using electromagnetic transient program (EMTP)Taught CourseSole Supervisor
20049Mohammad Saufi b KamarudinGraduatedConfiguration Effects of Current Sharing in Multicolumn ZnO Surge ArrestersTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200710Rugayah bt DugelGraduatedInsulation co-ordination of quadruple circuit high voltage transmission lines using ATP-EMTPTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200711Megat Mohd Rushdi Megat NgahGraduatedA Study to Determine the Effects of Ferroresonance on Substation Voltage Transformers using EMTP SimulationTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200812Salizawati ShamsuddinGraduatedStudy on the Non-Linear Characteristic of Power Transformers and Their Effects on Ferroresonance Taught CourseSole Supervisor
200813Noor Shahida JamoshiGraduatedLightning simulation study on line surge arrester and protection design of simple structuresTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200814S. Veerakumar a/l S. SubramniamGraduatedElectric and magnetic field profiles surrounding high voltage transmission linesTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
200815Zetty Nurazlinda ZakariaGraduatedDevelopment of an electrostatic field sensor for personal lightning warning systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200916Mohd Farriz Hj Md BasarGraduatedA new source of renewable energy from lightning return stroke: A small scale systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200917Nasrul Helmei HalimGraduatedPortable standard lightning impulse current generator for distribution-rated arrester testingTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200918Zulkifli YahyaGraduatedSimulation of lightning performance of a design lightning protection systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200919Aida Sulinda KusimGraduatedAn electromagnetic transient (EMT) analysis on a 132kV rated Cu/XLPE/SCW/MDPE cable system and its related networksTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200920Lailatul Niza MuhammadGraduatedImplementation of a calibration method for lightning locating system (LLS)Taught CourseSole Supervisor
201021Junaidah AriffinGraduatedNuisance tripping of ELCB due to nearby lightning strikes: an overviewTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201022Alsanousi Mohammed AzzinGraduatedPartial discharge characterization of low density polyethylene composite with nano-silica fillersTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
 200923Mohd Izamuddin MahmudNot CompletedTechnical approach in optimizing the economics of CCPS in period of economic uncertaintiesTaught CourseSole Supervisor
200924Zulkarnain Ahmad NoordenGraduatedReturn voltage measurements to investigate the degradation of zinc oxide varistorTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201125Wan Ismail IbrahimGraduatedElectrostatic and electromagnetic field based lightning alarm systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201026Mohd Fairouz bin Mohd YousofGraduatedField testing of MOSAIMSTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201027Kamaljit Singh a/l Kurdir SinghGraduatedImprovement and analysis of software for lightning protection system designTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201028Sahid Bin SuradiNot CompletedThermography Technique of ZnO Surge Arrester MonitoringTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201029Zulkifli b. EliaGraduatedPerformance evaluation of lightning protection design softwareTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201030Saeed Vahabi MashakGraduatedLightning Locating System by Using Time of Arrival Technique and Three Broadband AntennasTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201131Behnam SalimiGraduatedLightning Locating System Using Four-Antennas Time- of-Arrival MethodTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
201032Affendi Abd RahmanGraduatedDevelopment of Severity Index in Medium Voltage Underground Cable Using Partial Discharge MappingTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201033Ir. Mahathir Nor IsmailGraduatedInvestigating the Ageing of Oil-Paper Insulation in High Voltage Apparatus Using Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS) MeasurementTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201034Hasree IsmailGraduatedEstimating the Ageing of Oil Paper Insulation System in High Voltage Power Transformer in TNB’s System by Studying the Relationship of Fulfuraldehyde and Dielectric Response AnalysisTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201235Amir Hesam Khavari GraduatedMitigation of ferroresonance in power transmission system using static synchronous series compensator (SSSC),Taught CourseSole Supervisor
201236Jalal Tavalaei GraduatedMitigation of ferroresonance in power transmission network by applying UPFC and STATCOMTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201237Azizan Mohd MaharudinGraduatedLightning Locating and Warning System Using Interferometry TechniqueTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
 201038Syahrun Nizam Md Arshad @ HashimGraduatedA New Source of Renewable Energy from Lightning Return Stroke: A Small Scale SystemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201239Norizan MatGraduatedSurge arrester condition monitoring using leakage current and thermography techniquesTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201340Mehrdad Mokhtari GraduatedZnO lightning arrester earthing impedance characteristics under transient overvoltagesTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201341Ali AsgharGraduatedDetection of insulation faults in transformer using wavelet analysisTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201442Usman MasoodGraduatedPartial discharge characteristics of artificially introduced voids in epoxy resin samplesTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201443Tijani Hafeez OlasunkanmiGraduatedLightning characterization using short baseline lightning sensor systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201444Adetoro Saheed AyodejiGraduatedEffect of resistivity and grounding system on the voltage distribution in surrounding earth of a communication tower structure during a lightning strikeTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201045Norshahfariz BisniGraduatedDesign and construction of a small scale Tesla coil (2 kV)Taught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
201346Murugesan RamiahGraduatedCondition monitoring of electrical machine winding insulationTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201447Ali EhsaniGraduatedEffects of environmental factors on the ageing monitoring of gapless surge arrestersTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201448Mohamed Imran MousaGraduatedPD modeling of insulation degradation using COMSOLTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201449Mohammed Abd Ali AzizGraduatedA signal processing technique for PD detection and localization in power transformerTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201450Mohamed Abdalla Osman MohamedGraduatedAnalysis of IVAT laboratory grounding system using CDEGS softwareTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201451Raveen Kumar RamalingamGraduatedSoftware development for the evaluation of the lightning protection system designTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201452Haribalan RamanathanGraduatedCondition monitoring on surge arrester using improvised metal oxide surge arrester intelligent monitoring systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201453Loo Yau TengGraduatedPower transformers condition monitoring using dissolved gas analysis and hidden Markov prediction modelTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201454Yeap Kin WaiGraduatedRelative performance of down conductor for lightning protection systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
YearNo.NameStatusTitleTypeRoles of Supervision
201455Muhamad Akmal Che AniGraduatedThermal modeling of high voltage surge arrestersTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201456Zuraida ZainolOn-goingField testing of metal oxide surge arrester monitoring (MOSAM)Taught CourseSole Supervisor
201457Muhammad Nizam Abdul RazakOn-goingHigh resolution impulse analysing systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor
201458Nor Ain LotepiOn-goingSmart phone based lightning detection and warning systemTaught CourseSole Supervisor

Supervision of Undergraduate Theses


1.     Fast impulse current measurements.

2.   Non-inductive impulse voltage measurements

3.   Fast transient response of zinc-oxide surge arresters (using PSPICE software)

4.   Fast transient response of zinc-oxide surge arresters (using MATLAB software)

5.   Fast transient response of zinc-oxide surge arresters (using ATP/EMTP software)

6.   Co-ordination of spark gaps with zinc-oxide surge arresters

7.   Modeling of zinc oxide surge arresters

8.   Performance of high voltage insulators under various environmental conditions.

9.   Environmental chamber for high voltage equipment performance studies.

10.  Development of a student manual for SLIM Finite Element Method Software.

11. Parallel operation of high voltage zinc oxide surge arresters.

12. Studies on the pollution effects on high voltage insulators using FEM software.

13. Application and performance of high voltage surge arresters in Malaysia.

14.  Development of high voltage and high current impulse generator.

15. Application and performance of high voltage surge arresters in Malaysia.

16. Underground cable fault detection methods.

17. Overvoltages in low voltage systems.

 18. Insulation co-ordination in low voltage systems.

19. Insulation co-ordination study in distribution system using EMTP simulation.

20. Simulation of lightning protection system using EMTP.

21. Spark gap modeling using EMTP.

22. Finite element modeling of zinc oxide surge arresters.

23. Finite element modeling of polymeric insulators.

24. Capacitance and inductance calculation of a D-dot probe assembly.

25. Pollution effects on insulator performance using finite element method.

26. Insulation co-ordination in low voltage systems.

27. Development of a climatic chamber.

28.  Equivalent circuit modeling of a high voltage power transformer.

29. Tubular current shunt design.

30. A high voltage D-dot probe design

31. Analysis of lightning surge on the low voltage distribution networks


Over 50 titles covering the following areas:

·Leakage current measurements of ZnO surge arresters using LabView, microcontroller etc. (Harmonic content analysis, ageing effects)

·Development of High Current Impulse Generator (30kA peak, 8/20 us shape, etc.)

·Temperature effects on voltage-current characteristics of ZnO surge arresters

·FEM modeling of HV equipment/apparatus using Quickfield

·Ferroresonance studies using ATP-EMTP etc.

·Personal Lightning Protection (device, circuits etc)

·Data Acquisition System using LabView

·Electric field studies (corona rings etc.)

·Ageing analysis of power equipment (using RVM methods etc.)