Master students

MSc. Student Research Mode /Taught Course (Graduated/Complete)

• Main/Co- Supervisor:

1. Noraidah Bt Keling ( Graduated, 2006)
The Development Of Online-Based Cadastral Control Infrastructure

2. Ahmed Hamood Alwardi (Oman) ( Graduated, 2008)
Development Of Topographic Database For Kingdom Of Oman

3. Ali Hamood Abdullah AL Jufaily (Oman) (Graduated, 2008)
Development Of Orthophoto From High Resolution Satellite Images

4. Shadi Khoshdoni Farahani (Iran) (Graduated, 2008)
Geomatic Analysis, Integration And Evaluation Of Geodata For Defining Of Epithermal Type Au Target In Rudbar-Hactchin Area Of Iran

5. Nazirah Bt Abdullah (Graduated, 2009)
Implementation Plan Of Marine Cadastre In Malaysia

6. Fahmi Bin Azhari (Graduated, 2010)
The Development Of Web Based Cadastral Control Infrastructure

7. Shabudin Bin Saad (Graduated, 2010)
The Development Of Marine Cadastre Infrastructure

8. Noor Anim Zanariah Binti Yahaya (Graduated, 2011)
The Development Of Web Based Marine Cadastrem Processing System

9. Wan Muhammad Aizzat Bin Wan Azhar (Graduated, 2015)
Littoral Zone Modelling For Land-Marine Administration

10. Rasheila Binti Rahibulsadri (Graduated, 2015)
Stability Of The Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) For Marine Parcel Commencement In Malaysia

11. Tuan Mohammad Bin Tuan Yacob (Graduated, 2016)
Geospatial Quality Assessment

12. Nur Fatin Liyana Binti Mohd Rosely (Graduated, 2016)
Simplication Of Polyline Map Object Using Fish Swarm Algorithm

13. Dhabitah Bt Lazim (Graduated, 2017)
Improving Quality Tolerance For Simplication Of Polyline Map ObjectUsing Power Pollination Algorithm

14. Mohd Farid Al Azmi Bin Isahak (Graduated, 2017)
Effectiveness Of Marine Gazetted Map For Marine Alienation

15. Siti Zainun Binti Mohamad (Graduated, 2017)
3D National Digital Cadastral Database

16. Nurhafizul B Din (Graduated, 2018)
Feature Matching Method For Legacy Aerial Photo Processing

17. Mohd Naszrie Bin Razali (Graduated, 2017)
Geospatial Translator Using Spatial Etl

18. Nor Fadzillah Bt Haron (Graduated, 2020)
Large Scale Map Updating Using A Fusion Technique of UAV, Manned Aerial Vehicle and SAR

19. Marena bt Osman ( Graduated 2021)                                                                                                                     Automatic Topography Feature Extraction Using High Resolution Imagery

MSc. Student Research Mode/Taught Course (Ongoing)

• Main/Co- Supervisor:

1.  Noorul Fitri Bin Md Salleh                                                                                                                                      Open Open Source Data For Multiple Scale Topographic Map                                                                                      Completion Date: 2022