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NO ARTICLE TITLE JOURNAL TITLE Vol. Issues Publication year IF Quartile Ranking Category Author
1 Preliminary Design Of A Near Real-Time GPS Meteorology Over Peninsular Malaysia (GMEM) Terrestrial Atmospheric And Oceanic Sciences 25 6 2014 0.703 Q2 Co Author
2 Towards the development of a framework for sustainable marine

space governance: A proposal for collaborative design approach

Jurnal Teknologi 72 5 2015 0.147 Q3 Co Author
3 Today’s Problem, Tomorrow’s Solutions: Lay Theory Explanations Of Marine Space Stakeholder Management In The Malaysian Context Marine Policy 73 2016 3.228 Q1 UTM 1st Author
4 Review of Modified And Hybrid Flower Pollination Algorithms For Solving Optimization Problems Artificial Intelligence Review 52 2017 5.747 Q1 Co Author
5 Systematic Literature Review of Role of Applied Geomatics in Mapping and Tracking Corona Virus International Journal Of Integrated Engineering 12 8 2020 0.85 Q3 Co Author
6 Selection Of Solar Tracking System Using Extended TOPSIS Technique With Interval Type-2 Pythagorean Fuzzy Numbers Optimization And Engineering 2021 2.760 Q2 UTM 1st Author
7 Enabling Rank-Based Distribution of Microservices Among Containers for Green Cloud Computing


Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 2021 3.307 Q2 UTM 1st Author
8 An Indicator-Based Approach for Micro-Scale Assessment of Physical Flood Vulnerability of Individual Buildings International Journal Of Built Environment And Sustainability 8 2 2021 0.191 Q3 Co Author
9 Blockchain For Record‑Keeping And Data erifying: Proof Of Concept Multimedia Tools and Applications 2021 2.757 Q2 UTM 1st Author
10 The Impact of Business Intelligence on the Marketing with Emphasis on Cooperative Learning: Case-Study on the Insurance Companies Journal: Information Processing and Management 59 2 2021 6.222 Q1 UTM 1st Author