PhD students


• Main/Co- Supervisor:

1. Ahmed Hamood Mohammed Al Wardi: (Graduated, 2016)
Factor Influencing The Development of Geospatial Framework For Sultanate of Oman

2. Asraf b Abdullah (UiTM): (Graduated, 2018)
Exploring The Legal And Technical Issues
Toward The Development Of
Marine Cadastre In Malaysia

3. Nazirah bt Mohd Abdullah (Graduated, 2017)
Development of An Integrative Governance Framework For Stakeholder Management in Marine Space Administration

4. Mohd Hafiz M Yatim ((Graduated, 2019)
A Framework of Institutional Analysis Towards An Effective Marine Spatial Planning Practice

5. Noor Anim Zanariah Bt Yahaya ( Graduated, 2021)                                                                                                    Altimetric And Gravimetric Space-Based Technology For Maritime Continental Shelf Boundary Delineation


• Main/Co- Supervisor:

1. Norsharizan Mohd Hashim
Positional Accuracy Improvement of Cadastral Database
Completion Date: 2022

2. Shahril Azhari Jumari Institutional Analysis and Development for the formation of Inter-state Joint Border Committee in Peninsular Malaysia Completion Date: 2024