On-line Lectures and Sharing Sessions – a New Normal

Covid-19 has affected almost every aspect of our life. In academia we see a sudden increase in on-line teaching activities. It also opens new opportunity to share our knowledge and experience beyond the normal physical boundaries. Here are examples of on-line activities/invited lectures involving our partners internationally:

GLOW 2020Project Management International Class for Industrial Engineering Students at Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia.



Distinguished Lecture Series #18 was successfully delivered by Distinguished Professor Elsayed A. Elsayed from Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A entitled “Reliability Predictions and Challenges in New Frontiers” 


On 27 August 2020 (4.00 pm Malaysia),  we hosted Distinguished Lecture Series #41 delivered by Professor D.T Pham from Birmingham University, United Kingdom. Professor D.T Pham presentation was on Robotic disassembly as an enabler of smart remanufacturing”.

Professor D.T.Pham

Autonomous Remanufacturing Laboratory: http://autoreman.altervista.org/index.html

On behalf of UTM I would like expressed our deepest gratitudes to Distinguished Professor Elsayed A. Elsayed and Chance Professor D.T. Pham, OBE for their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise through UTM Faculty of Engineering online webinars. 

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