Examiners/ Chaipersons


  • Assistant Chairman for Shamsul Razni, Self-Concept Related Consumer Value From Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016.

PHD/ DBA Proposal Defence

  • Examiner, Budiyanto, A Framework of New Business Growth in a Malaysian Tape Adhesive Multinational Company, 2021
  • Examiner, Mohd Firdaus, The Role of Network, Cluster and Ambidexterity on Farmer Participation in Green Fertilizer Technology, 2021
  • Examiner, Sanzida, Strategic Entrepreneurship and SME Performance for The Perceived Entrepreneurial Ability of Women, 2021
  • Examiner, Khalid, Genesis and Typology of Entrepreneurial Orientation Among Gen-Y, 2021
  • Examiner, Shaza Aldairany, Antecedents and Outcomes of Philantrophic Attitude in the Syrian Conflict, 2017
  • Examiner, Unnaisha Naina Mohamed, Management Development for Cross Culture Adjustment in Stimulating Knowledge Sharing Motivation Among Expatriates MNCs in Malaysia, 2016
  • Examiner, Ahmad bin Khaliq, A Critical Studies on the Feasibility of Waqf Unit Trust Model as An Apparatus for Waqf Sustainability, 2016
  • Examiner, Hartini Mad Arshad, Financial Incentives for Retention of Medical Doctor in the Rural Public Healthcare, 2016
  • Examiner, Hassan Danial Aslam, Evaluation of MBA Program in the Context of Developing Countries, 2016
  • Examiner, Noorlizawati Abd Rahim, Empowering Engineering Scientists With Entrepreneurial Characteristics to Become Academic Entrepreneur, 2015
  • Examiner, Syarul Nizam Syariff, Developing Entrepreneurship Education Empirical Outcome from Malaysian Public Universities, 2015
  • Chairman, Dzul Fahmi b Md Nordin, Exploring National Talent Retention Through Value Proposition Influential Factors, 2014
  • Examiner, Sara Foghani, Cluster Based Industrial SMEs Development Strategies for Globalization in Malaysia, 2014
  • Chairman, Mohd. Azri Usman, Mediating Effect of Spiritual Leadership in the Relationship between Leader-Member Exchange and Emotional Intelligence, 2014
  • Examiner, Shazlinda Md. Yusof, First Stage Evaluation titled “Leadership’s Effect on Creativity and Innovation of Knowledge Workers in Japan, 2013

Master Graduate Business Project

    • Academic Reviewer, Affra Nadia Ab. Rahim, Knowledge, Awareness and Practices Regarding Needlestick Injury Among Doctors in Hospital Enche’ Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang, Johor, 2021
    • Academic Reviewer, Nuzul Hakim Ahmad, Implementation of Lean Technique in Patient Admission Process from Emergency Department in Columbia Asia Hospital Tebrau, 2021
    • Academic Reviewer, Toh Phang Teck, The Implementation of Lean Technique in Casemix Workflow in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru, 2021
    • Academic Reviewer, Sujayah A/P Suthandiram, Theory-Based Interventions for Imatinib Mesylate Adherence Improvisation Amongst Chronic Myeloid, Leukemia Patients, 2021
    • Academic Reviewer, Zairis Zahira Binti Mior Zawari, A Study of Factor Influencing Adoption of Mobile Application Among Baby Boomers in Selangor During afraCovid-19 Pandemic, 2021
    • Examiner, Koh Rui Jing, The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices Among Employee Performance in Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia, 2017
    • Examiner, Salahuddin Ahmad bin Ayob, Linking Extrinsic Motivation and Purchase Intention of Ready-To-Eat Food Among Malaysian Urban Residents, 2017
    • Examiner, Ng Chun Howe, Social Networking Sites Experience: Addiction and Disorder Among Youth in Malaysia, 2017
    • Examiner, Murni Hariyanti Muslim, The Functions, Attributes and Challenges of Academic Leadership in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2015
    • Examiner, Renuka Devi Krishna Younee, Tender Procedure Failure at AKRYA Medical Centre: What Went Wrong?, 2015
    • Examiner, Shaliana Sajuddin, Managing Employees’ Performance Towards High Performing Organization, 2014
    • Examiner, Syed Khairulazrin Syed Khairuddin, Case of Malaysian Telecommunication Industry, 2014
    • Examiner, Norzielah Ismail, Recycled Cooking Oil: Increase The Rate of Heart Disease and Cancer Patient, 2014
    • Examiner, Sharmila Kaur d/o Darchand Singh, Build the Innovation Network in Texas Instruments Through Organizational Behaviour Changes, 2014
    • Examiner, Leila Araghieh Farahani, Gender Differences in Student’s Online Trading, 2014
    • Examiner, Sousan Gharib, The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation to Employees Job Satisfaction and Performance: The Case of Semi-Conductor Industry, 2014
    • Examiner, Ainaa Farhana Ramli, KFCH International College Towards Becoming a Leading Private Higher Education Institution: Student Recruitment Issues and Challengers, 2014
    • Examiner, Nurdlyana Abd Rahman @ Haron, Technology Acceptance Model of Smartphone Utilization for Mobile Internet Social Network, 2014