Peace be upon you…

Knowledge is abstract and endless – as is human endeavour that does not recognize the meaning of ‘quitting’ or ‘despair’. As such, acquiring knowledge is a journey that has no bounds, and for different people, may form a plethora of abstract and concrete attachments.

My main field of study is computational fluid dynamics – which is essentially the science of investigating the mechanics of fluid through a computational approach. This field is both abstract and concrete. It requires attentiveness and detailed understanding of the minuscule particles of fluids and how they move – governed by a set of mathematical equations that scientists have formulated thus far. The complexity of the equations can only so much depict the effortlessness but elegance in the designs of the natural world – that the God Almighty intended so. And yet the use of powerful computational resources, which can be costly, in solving the equations can only reach a certain level of accuracy – not as perfect as it is in the nature.

Through our endeavour in pursuing knowledge, we strive and struggle – and learn so much in the process. As a result, application of the knowledge, intended for the betterment of our world, can lead to prosperity in our lives and environment.

In this blog, I will share my experience dealing with computational fluid dynamics – amongst other things that I’m taking up in my career – with the hope that it will benefit those who are embarking on this path we may call the ‘knowledge-seeking adventure’.

This blog is mostly intended for me, as I need it to help keep myself on track towards my goals. Hopefully it will do the same for you.