OpenFOAM Training Courses (2021)

OpenFOAM offers a wide range of applications that cover various fields and disciplines of study. OpenCFD Ltd offers various courses in using OpenFOAM. Click on each given link below to find out:

1. Two core courses –

Foundation: OpenFOAM® Foundation Course

Advanced: OpenFOAM® Advanced Course

2. Five applications’ courses –

Adjoint Optimisation: OpenFOAM® Adjoint Optimisation Course

Aeroacoustics: OpenFOAM® Aeroacoustics Course

Aerospace: OpenFOAM® Aerospace Course

External Aerodynamics: OpenFOAM® External Aerodynamics Course

Fire Modelling: OpenFOAM® Fire Modelling with OpenFOAM Course

Overset: OpenFOAM® Overset Course

3. One GUI-driven course –

Visual-CFD: Visual-CFD for OpenFOAM®

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