Are you keen on pursuing knowledge & postgraduate degrees?

Potential topics of research are available in the fields of urban aerodynamics, wind engineering & wind energy:

[A] Wind tunnel studies of
(1) atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) effect on wind-induced natural ventilation in high-rise buildings
(2) atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) effect on pedestrian-level wind speed near high-rise buildings
(3) wind speed enhancement due to Venturi effect in high-rise buildings under urban wind conditions
(4) wind loading on high-rise buildings with aerodynamic modifications and effects on downstream wakes

[B] Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies of
(1) wind gust mitigation in Malaysian urban settings
(2) aerodynamic optimization and power performance of vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs)

Please email me your interest & CV to if you or your connection is interested to venture into academic research with real-world application and obtain an advanced degree.