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Refreshing Trip …..Tanjung Sepang Beach Resort

September 2020.... Our lab ladies....  Owgi's handsome heroes... Owgi's  junior....Aus Summer internship.... Halo...halo... Dr Rohul is thinking about kpisss..... Walid ....our school's posdoc seems feeling release....:)) Telematch … [Continue reading]

All about foods….

Maryam with Musang King Also 1st timer.....shuk & ijaz Bye ...bye... maryam...see you in Nigeria... SDS time... Delicious Libyan food...tq Owgi.. Also delicious Iran food ......tq Walid KFC  time  for  our  new  comers..... Eid … [Continue reading]

Tanjung Piai Trip (Mac 2020)

Breakfast at Pekan Nenas Yessy with her roti telur..... our new baby from ITS, Surabaya Seafood for lunch... … [Continue reading]

GTAM Retreat – Dec 2019

Nothing is more precious than the look of happiness on my child's face Tq....tq...and tq... … [Continue reading]

Year 2019 Publication

A.A. Abdulrasheed, A.A. Jalil*, M.Y.S. Hamid, T.J. Siang, T.A.T. Abdullah, “Dry reforming of CH4 over stabilized Ni-La@KCC-1 catalyst: Effects of La promoter and optimization studies using RSM”, Journal of CO2 Utilization (2019) in press (Q1, … [Continue reading]

8th Conference on Emerging Energy and Process Technology (CONCEPT 2019)

1st trip to KLCC for them (Peter, Rahim and Afiq) ...... Rahim  and  Nando's... 1st experience presenting in conference for Undergraduate students : Syaz... also for Rahim.... but not for Miya (PhD) ... Dr. Yana... our best singer....Din … [Continue reading]

Priceless smiles of our kids….

Congratulation congratulation and congratulation Abdulrahman.... :-) did it Maryam... :-) Congratulationss....our big boy now is in his next journey....all the best Yusuf.... :-) … [Continue reading]

A week at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember-Surabaya, under World Class Professor program (22-28 Sept 2019)

 Thank you Prof Didik Prasetyoko and Dr Suprapto for inviting me... :-)  May we achieve our target soon.... … [Continue reading]

EsChe 2019

Abah.....Alhamdulillah, our children are growing up.....minna ga chanto yatteiru yo... Thank you Fana for the hospitality... At Bukit Bendera... Special fruits and ice-cream... Nasi Kandar .... Thai-food...   ENERGY SECURITY AND … [Continue reading]

Eid Party 2019

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Iftar together….

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Avengers Time…

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GTAM Sedili Trip – March 2019

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BBQ Party – Nov 2018

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Seoul Oct 2018

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Happy Birthday to M.A.R.R.S.Y.H 🎂 (2018)

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Year 2018 Publication

A.A. Jalil*, A.S. Zolkifli, S. Triwahyono, A.F.A. Rahman, N.N.M. Ghani, M.Y.S. Hamid, F.H. Mustapha, S.M. Izan, B. Nabgan, and A. Ripin, Altering dendrimer structure of fibrous-silica-HZSM5 for enhanced product selectivity of benzene methylation, … [Continue reading]

2018 Eid Mubarak

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