Completed Projects

Research Grants

Year 2014

  1. 2014 : LRGS (RM 1,850,000.00).
    Cheaper and More Durable Proton Exchange Membrane.

  2. 2014 : FRGS (RM 126,000.00).
    Tailoring the Pore Size and Structure of Hierarchical Nanostructured Mesoporous Silica for Confinement of Metal nanoparticles to Enhance its Photocatalytic Activity.

  3. 2014 : RUG Tier 1 (RM 90,000.00). Mesostructured Silica Nanoparticles Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Removal of Organic Pollutants.

  4. 2014 : RUG Tier 1 (RM 118,000.00). Production of syngas from catalytic phenol steam reforming over Ni/Zn/Fe/Cu supported on various supports.

  5. 2014 : RUG Tier 1 (RM 60,000.00). Recovery Of Lead And Zinc From Electronic Waste By Using Modified Banana Stem Fibre For Precursor Of Acid-Base Catalyst.

Year 2013 and Before

  1. ERGS* (RM122k). Morphology Control of Nano-Iron Oxide Photocatalyst in Ionic Liquid Solvent Via Electrochemical Route : Exploring Molecular Structure and Their Interfacial Properties.

  2. FRGS (RM79k). Study of the effects of surface area and crystallinity of Hierarchical Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterial (MTN) on the surface reaction and recombination of electron-hole pairs in n-heptane photoisomerization to produce isoheptane.

  3. RUG 2013* (RM160k). Hydrogen Production by Nickel based catalyst.

  4. RUG 2013 (RM120k). Design and Synthesis of CrO3-ZrO2 for Acid Catalytic Reaction.

  5. 2012 ERGS (RM81k). Nano MSN for acid catalitic reaction.

  6. 2012 EScience Fund (RM174k). Nano MSN for base catalytic reaction.

  7. 2012 GUP (RM70k). MSN for adsorption.

  8. 2012 GUP (80k).

  9. 2011 GUP (170k).

  10. 2011 GUP (RM130k). MSN for isomerization.

  11. 2010 FRGS. Acid catalytic reaction.

  12. UTM Short Term Grant (20K). Binary Nanocatalyst for Methanation of CO2 (PL).

  13. FRGS Grant MOHE. Determination of Acid Sites on Solid Super Acid Catalyst. Sept. 2008 (RM151,000).

  14. FRGS Grant MOHE. Biosorption of Platinum and Gold over Biomass. Sept. 2008 (RM115,500).

  15. EScience Fund MOSTI. Synthesis of Nanocatalyst for improving RON of Fuel. Sept. 2008 (RM150,000).

  16. EScience Fund MOSTI. Synthesis of Electrogenerated Zinc Containing Zeolite for Dehydrocyclodimerization of C1-C4 Alkanes. Aug. 2007 (RM140,000).

  17. FRGS Grant MOHE. Synthesis of Catalyst for producing Methane from Syngas. Dec. 2006 (RM30,000).

  18. EScience Fund MOSTI. Laboratory Scale for Acid Catalyzed Transformation of Petrol-fuel to Clean Fuels. Nov. 2006 (RM280,000).

  19. TCD-GC Instrument Award from Hokkaido University, Nov. 2006 (RM 70,000).

  20. SAGA Grant from Academic Science Malaysia. Synthesis & characterization of nano-sized highly reactive electrogenerated zinc. June 2005 (RM 102,000).

  21. Grant for Purchasing Gas Chromatograph Instruments from The Hitachi Scholarship Foundation, December 2004 (RM 70,000).

  22. Fundamental Grant from UPP-UTM, January 2004 (RM 17,000).

  23. Instrument Award from Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology – Hokkaido University, Jun 2003 (RM 150,000).

  24. Fundamental Grant from UPP-UTM, October 2003 (RM 19,000).

  25. Fundamental Grant from UPP-UTM, January 1998 (RM 20,000).

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