Growing up with love of knowledge and wisdom

I remembered when I was small, I was keen on questioning things. Growing up, I was very interested in facts and information. Books were part of my life where I love reading and went to the library on weekends (remember at that time there was no internet, mobile phones, and TV was aired within limited hours). From small I have a mini-library and a book collection. I have a mystery collection novels, Islamic history compendium, and scientific collections.

My parents even though not from an academic background, (i.e. having a degree certificate) was very conscious about education. They spend money on things that was necessary for our education – tuition classes, university stipends, and books.

I was blessed with some sort of intellectual capacity where I got good marks within my academic life in my primary, secondary and tertiary education. I can self-proclaim that I am book-smart! However being there made me less street-smart! Well you cannot get both most of the time. Learning and experiencing is boundless.

Knowledge and wisdom through reading books

I feel that my intellectual growth was the most when I got the opportunity to continue my study in England. I was mesmerized with the vast literature available in the West. My love for reading grew there, I read their newspapers from Financial Times to The Independent. The Guardian is my daily staple until now. If time permits I will go to discourses and talks in London, Cambridge, etc. I horded books before I came back after finishing my studies. The collections made up most of my library at home.

I read almost any topic of interest but my preference is the reading must be a structured reading. Hence my reading materials are usually books and analysis articles. Nowadays, while commuting I read the books that is in my interest list mainly on self-development, financial literacy, sports management (I’m a Liverpool FC supporter), technology and business.

Belief on Education Knowledge Internalization 

My solemn belief is with knowledge and it’s internalization, a human can change to become better in life. Knowledge is light in darkness. All creation is based on knowledge and know-how. But be mindful that knowledge need to be internalized in life through effort. They say brain without brawn is useless. Knowledge bears it’s fruits only when it is in action. Not internalizing knowledge in life will make your actions most of the time ineffective and sometimes futile.

Some times you actions renders nothingness. There we have to examine weather we do not have the knowledge of how to do it (where this is the case most of the time) or you are still at the learning curve of implementing it i.e. getting the know-how. Knowing something is different from internalizing it into action.

The equation goes (simple to grasp) is not equal to (easy to do).

Growth Bias & Positive Development

My belief is, a person who lives his or her life to acquire knowledge and wisdom in life, in all aspects of humanity, will find the truth and live a peaceful life. They will grow more mature day to day, able to steer the perplexing life difficulties and become better citizens on the earth. They will be measured in their actions and humble in their opinions. Mental and emotional growth can be achieved if you do not stop learning.

We are quite blessed with the information and knowledge availability with the Internet and ICT infrastructures. The knowledge gap is getting lesser with digital enablers. However as in any technology, filtering valuable, less-valuable, and junk information is the challenge that today’s generation is facing. How much of the information is relevant and valuable to a person’s life and objectives. Being selective and having a personal benchmark is getting more difficult.

Here comes wisdom where information and knowledge cannot furnish. Napolean Hill mentioned that valuable knowledge is the specialized knowledge that can give the bearer some sort of profit. He made the example of Henry Ford where he has not ‘more general knowledge’ but ‘niche knowledge’ that was necessary for him to transform humanity in logistics and transportation.

In this short life span that God has predetermine, I believe that finding the truth in life will be an endless journey. Such wisdom that guides us daily through life will be ensured by remembering the first most important principle. Life starts with knowledge even though it is not the end goal.