Klopp – People leadership bringing the best our of normal people

Liverpool’s current goalkeeper was recycled by Mainz after release from Manchester City, the right back is a teenager from the academy, the left back came from relegated Hull. There are three former Southampton players as well as one from Sunderland; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain warmed the bench at Arsenal, then you have a veteran journeyman in James Milner. Mohamed Salah carries the star status and the fee of Dalglish but he is also a Chelsea reject. The centre forward was not spotted by any of Brazil’s top clubs and arrived from Hoffenheim without anyone other than Klopp really understanding his best position.

Klopp, like his most decorated predecessors, has an ability to turn pig iron into gold. He has seen what others have not been able to see. He has an advantage of understanding players more because he was one himself. He understands people because he was not famous until he became a manager. He understands that if you give people hope, you have a chance of succeeding as a manager.


& with his strong-men… right & left


“You always have to start every single day by planning and preparing with the end in mind – our idea, our vision and our future.”

‘You are the product of your own environment’

From a Liverpool coach…

ISIS – destroying life

An extract from this interview:

A young Muslim who is on the death penalty when interviewed mentioned that “I’ll be barbecued in hell”.

He raped 15 women when ISIS was imprisoning women as his superior said this is allowable (halal) … He was remorseful.



Nabi Muhammad bersabda, “Orang yang pengasih itu dikasihi Allah. Kasihanilah apa yang ada di bumi, pasti yang di langit akan mengasihimu.”

Hebatnya Rahmah ini apabila haiwan ‘penguin’ ini pun menghargai rahmah.

Dindim the penguin makes a 5,000-mile journey from Argentina to a small island near Rio de Janeiro every year to be reunited with a man who saved his life after finding him covered in oil and struggling to survive. João Pereira de Souza, 71, a retired bricklayer, found the South American magellanic penguin in 2011 and nursed him back to health

Narcissist Culture!

Today listening to the radio, I was enlightened by a new word which is “Narcissist“.

It’s similar to ‘arrogance’. Kesombongan dalam bahasa Melayu. There is even a book on this about this culture in the US.http://www.amazon.com/The-Culture-Narcissism-Diminishing-Expectations/dp/0393307387

Reading this article late night… The word was recalled inside my mind.

While Keller is not alone in his frustration that there are nearly 7,000 people living in San Francisco without homes, his letter is distinctive for its total lack of sympathy for the plight of those in difficult circumstances, focusing instead on the discomfort of the “wealthy”:

The residents of this amazing city no longer feel safe. I know people are frustrated about gentrification happening in the city, but the reality is, we live in a free market society. The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day. I want my parents when they come visit to have a great experience, and enjoy this special place.


Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) hazardous? scientific vs perception

Good morning to all,

The debate whether the EMR causes cancer and makes you ill goes on. It’s everywhere now, with all the wireless devices generating electric and magnetic fields to send information. From Microwaves-cell phones-cancer- perceived illnesses this article is from the scientific side…

“This fact can make people uneasy – if light can be used to destroy cells, could our heavy usage of wireless communications perhaps induce this kind of DNA damage and ultimately lead to cancer? This is reasonable to ask, but we have to keep in mind how unbelievably vast the electromagnetic spectrum truly is. Modern communications, from our Wi-Fi networks to phones, are firmly rooted around the microwave end of the scale, with frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz. In the scheme of the EM spectrum, these photons are of relatively low frequency and low energy. To put this in perspective, even the lowest energy visible light (wavelength ~700nm) still carries roughly 1430 times the energy of the most energetic microwave photon (wavelength 0.1cm). Microwave radiation is undisputedly non-ionizing, and completely incapable of direct DNA damage.”


“As always, we have to be wary, and beguided by best evidence rather than panic. Most EMR is invisible and inescapable, and apprehension over what we cannot see is completely understandable. But if we are to make informed decisions on health and technology, misplaced fear of the unknown or dogmatic convictions are simply no substitute for evidence and understanding.

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Gravitational waves: Found it!

Last week, scientists were thrilled when they proved Albert Einstein theory of gravity: affecting space and time.

Gravity wobbles space and time. the setup of the experiment is as below.

From: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/feb/11/gravitational-waves-discovery-hailed-as-breakthrough-of-the-century

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo), at a press conference in Washington.

The announcement is the climax of a century of speculation, 50 years of trial and error, and 25 years perfecting a set of instruments so sensitive they could identify a distortion in spacetime a thousandth the diameter of one atomic nucleus across a 4km strip of laserbeam and mirror.