There are few books in my reading list for blockchain, that I’m currently reading (will read). The books are mixed in approaches, where the Blockchain Revolution book ( looks into the impact of blockchain towards the evolution of the Internet from “Internet of Information” to “Internet of Value”.

Blockchain is a collection of digital technologies merged to produce a distributed and trusted peer-to-peer network ledger or database, hence the complexity of understanding the technology is exhausting. The first recommended book to get the technicalities for laymen should be Blockchain Basics ( Later it should be followed up by a public NIST document NISTIR 8202 – Blockchain Technology Overview (

Hyperledger blockchain platform is my current focus to setup the infrastructure for an IoT based system for supply chain traceability. This open-source enterprise platform enables private permissioned blockchain to be established with read-permission capabilities. For those who are serious to implement a working blockchain network using Hyperledger (a Linux driven initiative) should explore Hyperledger Cookbook. (