Career Summary

I am Che Ros bin Ismail from Department of Geotechnics and Transportation, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.   I joined UTM  Jalan Semarak in 1987 and moved to UTM Skudai in 1989.  Reside in Taman Universiti, Skudai, Johor.  I love and really enjoy teaching.  My teaching philosophy is simple, based on an old Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.   Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” 


Brief of my career: 

Teacher                                                                                                 Jan. 1987 – Dec. 1987
Akademi Langkasuka, Guar Chempedak, Kedah
Assistant Lecturer ‘A’                                                                      Dec. 1987 – Sept. 1991
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Teaching and Laboratory Assistant (Part Time)                  Feb. 1992 – May 1993
California State University, Sacramento, USA
Lecturer                                                                                                May 1993 – Dec 2004
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Senior Lecturer                                                                                 Jan 2005 – to date
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia